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  • mardermj mardermj Dec 12, 2013 7:36 AM Flag

    13 Dec is exdividend

    I expect every cent to be sucked out of a market gone dronesville, the entire market seems to be headed for a five to ten percent correction, but MREITS have already sunk 40% already and are very juicy. Yes the dividend is sucked out tomorrow morning as it is "valued" into the share price, but usually recovers in about a week.

    Whether it does so remains to be seen, but the FOMC overhang, in which confusion will remain amongst the membership, but no Grinch will ruin this XMAS, waits for Yellen to get a couple months under her belt before she announces the economy is too fragile, and 5.5% is more a historically defendable top end to begin "tapering".

    What happens to markets when nobody buys our bonds, we buy 40% of them now?

    We destroy the market and plunge headlong into a 30% correction as winners are sold to make up for losers.

    You can't even MENTION tapering without screwing up mortgages another two percent nearly overnight, dropping the housing reflation back to 3/09. Up the interest rates, down the prices, ALWAYS.

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