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  • snowblindboarder2002 snowblindboarder2002 Feb 27, 2006 11:28 PM Flag

    Can the rumors be true?

    CU tickets might be harder to find this fall. What is commercial space going for in Boulder/Denver?

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    • Unfortunately you're wrong. Adam's family lives in Chicago and he lives by himself in Vail. He's not a good guy.

    • There was never going to be any pain dude, and next quarter will be even better. Fortunately, VR makes its money from destination skiers, not the locals. I worked there for three winters, and was back there for January of this winter. You only had to had out at the bars to hear buzz from the staff at how profits in the place were record breaking. Breckenridge were already smashing skier number/restaurant profits numbers back then. That month of skiing out there, is going to end up making me alot of money. I bought a fist-full when Aron retired. The guy just wants a break. He wants to retire and hang with his family in Vail. Wouldn't you? He's a good bloke. Cheers to him! (fortunately the stock sold off soon after!)

    • Oops, meant to include the strong buy. Indicators are looking real good for a short term recovery in share price, though I think that returning to a new high is pretty far off. Maybe they should throw something out there about a strategic review too :)

      Yeah, i think Eldora did offer some sort of deal but I didn't get in on it. I wish I had gotten one now, I am getting fed up w/ I-70. Everytime I pass the Eisenhower tunnel I wish I had a Loveland Pass because I know the pain I will be subject to trying to get back from Summit COunty.

      No pain, no gain I guess.

    • What happen to the strong buy?

      Steamboat, is that in Utah? :)
      i am sorry to say that the day someone moves the price of the season pass back to realistic levels everyone else will follow suit.

      I think Eldora offered some incentive at Steamboat if you buy their pass.(?)

    • I think you will see the best year ever for skier numbers but suspect earnings will/and are flat. (But will need to talk to Mr. Hawaiian Punch for the grass roots theory)

    • Business was slow. Anybody have a feeling about Colorado biz?

    • Keep the rumors coming!

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      • I will try. Can my source hold true? My question is what kind of savings will be seen? Lets look from a strickly accounting and finance side (since that is the side I know). Accts Payable employees currently get $12/hour and a ski pass, no traffic to the high country. My A/P clerk in Denver makes 25% more and is in the bonus pool. The true savings is in Senior VP's(and that's not a gentleman from Mexico). What kind of $'s do they get to afford the million plus $ homes in Vail? How about relocation costs for these VP's? As I asked earlier "What is the cost/sq ft on a lease in Denver? Is it worth sitting in traffic on I-70. Better get a better CD collection than the free CD's you had sent to you in the old days Mr. Jarnot. Maybe a corporate plane like Powdr Corp? I bet the ROI works because of the cost savings to VR for not buying a new home for Rob in BC.I have said too much. Only the Best Regards.

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