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  • dabutchCO dabutchCO Oct 2, 1998 6:08 PM Flag

    Vail 99 the year of the big Strike!

    This is the year every one sees Vail at its
    All the full time employee's have had enough! The UAW
    is working with the ski instructors at this time.
    They are planing to organize a union. It will
    undoubtedly happen!
    The Employees have not received a
    raise for about 3 years! The entire time big bonuses
    are being passed around in the corporate level! This
    year the most requested instructors received a dollar
    raise at best. To live in this valley is very expensive
    and they are trying to pay min wage. They will not be
    able to fill positions with out the valley work force.
    This year will be known as the strike year! VAIL99

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    • Over the past several decades, unions have done
      little good for
      workers (evidence the drop in
      Teamsters membership over the
      past 10-20 years). My Dad
      worked for a power company for 38
      years. During that
      time, I saw nothing but his benefits ERODE.
      Gee, I
      thought unions try to preserve/embellish such

      Unions generally try to protect the jobs of 'skilled'

      I hardly think that standing at a ski lift making
      sure no one
      falls as they get on (or off) a chair
      is 'skilled'. These are
      basically kids just
      trying to make a few bucks (and perhaps get
      in some
      FREE skiing) rather than working at the local
      which probably pays the same.

      I cant speak for
      ski instructors but I have to believe there

      salary scales are probably pretty comparable across the
      resorts. If they dont like it at Vail,
      they'll just move to
      another resort. I believe,
      however, that there is probably a
      certain amount of
      prestige in working there.

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      • Who can say what will and will not impact a stock
        in today's market. Issues that have no real effect
        on corporate earnings seem to make the markets go in
        any direction for no apparent reason. Only you can
        decide what's important.

        Regarding Vail stock and
        the truthfulness of my statements. I've worked for
        Vail Resorts for the last six years. I'm a full-time
        ski instructor who primarily teaches private lessons.
        My clients represent the very top of the business
        world, especially the investment and financial side of
        things. This is what I'm hearing, and seeing:
        1) Vail
        Resorts is considered a "cocktail party" stock. You pick
        up a few shares so you can tell your friends. It's a
        prestige thing. You could probably get a better return at
        the crap tables.
        2) Real estate is a big part of
        the Vail/Beaver Creek success. After the Bachelor's
        Gulch build out (5 years)real estate will be in short
        3) The union may not happen this year, but it brings
        to light the importance of the issue. You've got
        1500 ski instructors (not including Breck and
        Keystone), all with some degree of intellectual property to
        protect, making more than $400 a day for Vail Resorts. The
        average full-time private ski instructor gets about
        $120-$150 per day. Ski school is the third largest profit
        center, behind F&B and ticket sales. A union will
        seriously change the profit picture in this area.
        4) One
        terrible snow season and profits will get

        My point? It might not be the best investment. But
        you have to decide that.

    • OK. Even if what you say is all true, what point
      are you trying
      to make? Perhaps you're just
      expressing your opinion.

      Are you implying that this
      will portend negatively on the stock?

      line - what's your point?

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