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  • samintx samintx Oct 9, 1998 11:48 PM Flag

    Latest Forbes article......

    interesting. The Vail residents up in arms
    because VAIL is going into businesses other than skiing.
    The towns folk thing they are losing business as VAIL
    expands their empire to other fields. Duck Pizza?
    uggggggggggg remind me not to eat at THAT eattery.

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    • the widows and orphan trust funds they manage. My
      cousin has one a ML...WHY? they have been higher cost
      for EVERYTHING than anyone for years. How do they
      make money and why do people use them? Only
      explanation is little old ladies that don't know better and
      recognize the name.

      Viva VAIL!

    • Merrill are just a bunch of
      !@##$$!%% idiots,
      the same thing every year, can you believe they can
      predict the ski season now and they cannot even predict
      the weather. Maybe if they didn't make these blunders
      they would'nt have to lay off all of those people. I
      will be buying when they put the sell and sell when
      they put the buy . In fifteen yrs. of investing have
      not lost once on a ski stock. Lets give them a good
      cheer for how much they Blow. At there Towers in nyc.
      THe same reason you cannot listen to them on just
      about everything. I pay $15 a trade, and at merrill it
      would cost $200 minimum for really lousy analysis.

    • SharkcityII - Remember, keep it in the fall line, ski fast and take chances!!! To turn is to admit defeat.

    • What, exactly, do you feel MADE Vail? And the ski
      industry as a whole? It was small, independent business
      people, not a corporation that has no interest in the
      community! The very people that have been skiing supporters
      and skiing enthusiasts are running away in droves!
      Who's going to replace them? Especially when companies
      like VAIL RESORTS have done NOTHING to invest in the
      future of skiing. By the way, that is their correct name
      - VAIL RESORTS - they do not own Vail, they merely
      stole its good name!

      • 1 Reply to alanynx
      • Who do you think started Microsoft? Two people!
        Who started Dell computers? One person! Why are these
        companies successful? Because people from all over the
        world use their product. Why are Vail and the other ski
        resorts in Colorado so successful? Clue? Because people
        from all over the world use their product. There's
        nothing that ticks me off more when I am skiing than
        hearing some local complain about all of the tourist. If
        it wasn't for the tourist, you wouldn't have a Vail
        or any other resort for that manner.

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