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  • vailboy vailboy Oct 19, 1998 12:42 PM Flag

    attack of the tree huggers

    It looks like arsonists have set a few on-mountain restaurants on fire. This is probably related to Cat 3. I am sure there will be a news release soon. Lame!!!!!!!

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    • Yeah a good snow year should push this baby to 30+...One could do well trading MTN??
      IDR trades on so many different exchanges. Most of the volume seems to be on the Toronto ex...SC

    • Good value with MTN at the 18 dollar level. They are really pushing the golf/summer packages in Breck, Key and Vail this summer. Should be good for next Quarters numbers.

    • I've followed IDR, SKI, and MTN for some time.
      The SKI message Board is brutal, but there are some
      knowledgable posters. SKI looks very cheap, but way too much
      debt and weak cash flow. Stay away from SKI, buying
      stocks with problems just because they look cheap
      doesn't work out that often. IDR is an interesting
      company that makes good money off of real estate sales.
      The only reson I would stay away from them is the
      stock has very low volume which makes it very illiquid.
      Money managers don't like that. That leaves MTN, I
      think its the best buy out there right now. The stock
      usually moves up as we get closer to ski season, quality
      resorts in my favorite state of Colorado, and trading
      near book value. A good snow year could push it to

    • I can't really say if they will trade in a
      predictable fashion, because they haven't been publically
      traded for e particularly long time. One thing to
      consier, however, is that Vail Resorts really has two
      seasons in terms of earnings: ski season and off-season.

      In terms of buying cheap, if you would have hopped
      on near the end of April...

    • It may interest you to know, Son of Man, that
      unless we do something drastic to change the way we live
      our lives, that we will be the LAST GENERERATION that
      enjoys many of the things we take for granted: Clean
      water, a secure food supply, air we can breath. You
      don't have to take my word for it, or the word of
      anyone else in the environmental movement, it was
      covered quite well in the Manchester Guardian two weeks

      I for one would like my children to be able to
      enjoy areas of wilderness that have not been destroyed
      by companies like Vail Resorts.

    • The VAST MAJORITY of locals feel that this
      project should be stopped as does anyone who knows
      anything about the issue - which apparently you do

      I agree that the arsonists should be caught, and
      they will be - I think we'll all be very surprised
      when it comes out who actually did this - the
      environmental movement had nothing to gain from this.

    • The arsonist group is feeling the frustration of
      trying to stop something that nobody agrees should be
      stopped save for their own narrow opinions. The Vail
      expansion of lifts and trails will go on precisely on
      schedule while the evironmental movement now will not.
      Catch 'em and hang 'em.

    • And Package the Arsonists with the idiots who
      killed the abortion Doctor, who actually brought so many
      lives into the world, and put them in the cement of the
      new Yankee Stadium when they build it. All these
      people are fighting a losing cause, and believe that the
      only way to win is to take the law into there own
      hands. Guess what, when they build the new Lodge it will
      be Bigger and Better than ever, hopefully. What
      about all the animals that lived in crevices in the
      burned out buildings, all of them are dead, still no
      sense made of there doings. Now I have lost all support
      for the enviornmentalists, and it seems that others
      are following, Green peace has downsized, whaling has
      begun on west caost again, These guys have to lose
      there pompous attitude. Who says man does not have the
      right to be every place on Earth. Survival of the
      Fittest BaBY SKI ON

    • They probably wipe their asses with corncobs and
      are so poor they'll never have kids, let alone be
      able to afford being able to take them to the top of
      Vail or Steamboat on a nice sunny day.

      If we
      worried about all the psychos out there we'd never go out
      of the house.

      I hope the snow is great and
      y'all have a great season!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, hey, relax. Jeez. Don't get yourself all in
      a huff. I'm just responding to an earlier question
      about the logic of ELF, and guessing as to the likely
      reasoning you'd hear.

      Anyway, burning things to the
      ground is very risky form of sabotage, not to mention
      inelegant. They would have been much better off with a safer
      form of sabotage. And playing the "what if" game won't
      get you much of anywhere... "Don't drive your car!
      What if you hit a child and kill her?" Hell, what if
      the fire had provided a beacon to safety for a family
      of cold, lost hikers? See - you can just pick and
      choose the situations to suit whatever side you are

      What happened to the fireman? I haven't
      seen any press coverage of injuries, but I might have
      missed it.

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