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  • please_be_civil please_be_civil May 24, 2000 12:06 PM Flag

    Insider Trading

    Take a look at the level of insider trading
    (especially the president) since the beginning of the year.
    Hundreds of thousands of shares. I feel that this is a
    favorable sign. On message boards of other stock I own
    posters complain that the insiders aren't willing to
    commit their own money to the stock. This is obviously
    not the case here.

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    • are you a day trader? your reasoning sounds like
      you may be. there is nothing that the flying circus
      running cole has done , said, concluded, promised, etc
      has an obvious conclusion.
      was that civil? hope
      so xxoo

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      • I have held CNJ since last September and have
        followed this board since then. I realize that there are
        many major problems at CNJ. I was merely commenting on
        the fact that it looked like the president was buying
        a lot of shares over the last several months.

        I am glad to finally see CNJ almost back up to
        where I bought it--it has been tough watching this
        stock session after session. I really feel sorry for
        those that bought when it was in the 20s and have
        either held or finally sold out in dispair.

        I am
        curious--how successful has the laser insurance deal been?
        After the initial press release I have never heard
        about it again. Also what effect do you think the new
        Target centers will have on the stock?