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  • disk_investor2 disk_investor2 Nov 24, 2003 11:25 AM Flag

    STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!!

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    • your petty jealousies of the WDC. Success Story of these last two years are simply Pathetic.!!

      Ya should have Bought WDC. at the $2.00 / sh. price , as I suggested at that exact time.!!!!

      BTW. - WHAT's going down with that MXO. A.P.'s Trend.?

      I Pay MY Bills right away.!!!!!!

      TTFN... Old unbiased one.!

      Soooooo SAD.!!!!!!!

      GET A LIFE , Dude.

    • A distortion is saying that 3.7 is not 5???? I think the distortion is all yours mixing statistics from different quarters to try to prove a point that is completely invalid, as usual. What does your horse say about that?

    • Nope! What's good for one is good for all and vicey versey.

    • Hi there Old unbiased one.!

      Bet ya are REALLY gonna freak when WDC. goes PLUS $15.00'$ / share.?!!!!!

    • I can't explain Q4 guidance. This is the problem many are having with WDC. We shall see what the story is soon and verify with Q1, 2004.

    • Caught in another distortion, eh?

      "I don't think STX 2.5 million units to enterprise is 5x MXO's 709,000"

      Actually it was 2.6 million for STX, which gives makes the ratio 3.7, the lowest enterprise ship ratio ever posted between the two!

      FYI in the June quarter, STX shipped 2.9 million enterprise drives to 574,000 for MXO or a ratio of 5.1!

      Caught you again, didn't I?????

    • Check guidance for Q4.

    • I don't think you know what a fact is. You show MXO margins rising as they start 80GB (selling most to retail and distribution) but you say nothing about why the FELL when they went from introduction to 100%? Why would they go down. Also I don't think that STX's 2.5mm units to enterprise is 5x MXO's 709,000. Do the math with your calculator this time and I am quite sure you will not get 5 by dividing 2.5 by 0.7. Dispute that you idiot. Wow WDC's margins drop 0.4% during a ramp and major acquisiton with 4,000 new employees. Shouldn't that have been much more with yield problems, say maybe 1.2% like MXO's margins dropped. What a massive idiot your are. Hey you don't have to explain anything to me about STX since I never said STX wasn't a quality company. STX should have higher margins and if there were no problems MXO should be a few point below them and WDC should be a few points below MXO. Why then is MXO guiding to 17-18% gross margins during the seasonally strongest quarter of the year and WDC is guiding to 18%??? Both of their guidance is available for anyone to see on their websites. Even you can look it up.
      The rest of your post is pure fanatasy as usual. In order to improve your investment information you might want to stop talking to horses.

    • Believe me, I know when Maxmedia became a part of Maxtor and when it's business went on the financials LOL!!! It was a different story when Hyundai held the reins, regardless of the purpose. Your seasonality is correct. However, compare the results from this year. Only Q2 was normal.
      <so you would expect their margins to be higher than WDC but lower than STX. > That's exactly right and if you look, you will see that it is so.

    • Seasonality is
      q4 highest q1 low q2 uptick q3 uptick from q2
      that is traditional seasonality. You might want to check on that Maxmedia date. You might find a little company named MMC Technology formed in 1996 by Hyundai for the sole purpose of providing MXO with media. STX ships about 11% of total units to the enterprise while MXO ships 5% so you would expect their margins to be higher than WDC but lower than STX. Matt will pull this off over the next two quarters and even the next generation of heads since 80GB is already a no-brainer and the next generation head is already well underway. The trick will be for perpendicular but that is at least 2 years away.

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