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  • mingmoore mingmoore Jul 28, 2004 12:48 PM Flag

    Bush brilliant strategy in Iraq

    Bush brilliant strategy in Iraq

    Without the war in Iraq, we will be looking at $30.00 oil right now. Guess what the market will be like with $30.00 a barrel of oil. What a brilliant guy Bush is. He figured, with the invasion of Iraq, in no time, democracy will be spreading like wide fire in Midlle East, and oil will be at $20.00. You cannot blame those neo-conservatives for lack of imagination. The problem is imagination and reality are not the same thing. And we continue to suffer. Oil company and neos continue to make big money from this war.

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    • Hi, you know who get the $12 more per barel ... the Texasan oil-mens !

    • Boy you talk about something that means nothing. We have a lot tighter controls on bomb making equipment than anywhere does around the world. What Bush has done is create a world that doesn't like the US. As stated by Dean and Carter, we have alienated allies across the globe. We have installed hatred and fear. You will see that when kids grow up, knowing that we killed their brothers, dads, and moms. This will only help those that want to hurt us, by recruiting them. Take a look at Israel for an example. What has it solved there nothing, except death and more death. I didn't see any problem for us going to war in the first one. One country invaded another sovereign. I am also not saying that Iraq's government wasn't evil, because they were, but this was for them to deal with and not us.

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