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    July 12, 2012: Spalding Cosmetic Surgery now offers Liposonix

    Spalding Cosmetic Surgery now offers Liposonix
    Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) 12 July 2012

    Cosmetic Surgery Spalding Liposonix treatment involves using a device that uses high intensity focused ultrasound waves permanently reduce fat around the waist without surgery. This results in a thinner contour, beautiful and contornejada waist and body.

    Ultrasonic waves are used in fixed and specific areas of the body. No damage or injuries to the skin, because only in the cells of adipose tissue beneath the skin layers are destroyed. Reducing the size of a dress can occur after only one hour of treatment. The destroyed fat cells are eliminated by natural mechanisms of inflammation and scarring of the body. The remains of fat cells fagocitats by special cells in the body known as macrophages. Then they are transported by macrophages in the liver where it is metabolized. This process can take between eight and twelve weeks and occurs naturally in the body, without interfering with daily activities.

    Liposonix is ​​ideal for patients who are moderately obese with a body mass index or BMI below the 30th Not recommended for people with severe obesity. For people with a BMI above 30, liposuction is recommended.

    Liposonix recommended primarily to reduce fat around the waist, but can also be used to reduce fat in other parts of the body. This procedure removes fat, but it metabolizes.

    There are very few serious side effects Liposonix. The latest generation of machines Liposonix cause virtually no discomfort to the patient. Sometimes, patients complain of bruising, redness or swelling after the procedure. While the redness will disappear within a few hours, the swelling will last a day or two. Blues can take up to two weeks. Your doctor may prescribe medication to help with inflammation and pain.

    you will notice that your waist is smaller between eight and 12 weeks after surgery. The average decline of about 1.8 inches or 4.6 cm from the waist after a typical one-hour sessions.