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  • soltastorm soltastorm Aug 14, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    7.25 coming To a Solta Share Near You. Bring on the Bidders, We are patiently Waiting.

    Message to all LowBallers: (are you listening 49er's)

    You keep pointing to the last few quarters numbers and harping on low ball aquisition prices, as if trends and future potential don't factor in hardly at all.

    Sorry guys, that's not the way it works, but it certainly helps you cases on a message board where your true intent is to minimize shareholder confidence, as you greedily accumulate shares as cheaply as possible.

    Sometimes, you have to step away from the historic numbers and look at the big picture.

    Thermage / Fraxel products have huge international potential, and unit sales continue to increase even in the US. (For ex. Thermage unit sales up 50% YOY for the quarter).

    Lipsonix units broke their all time record sales for the quarter.
    With Taiwan, Singapore, and Brazil regs approved, sales are just beginning in these regions.

    Now, the pipline of Vaser products is in it's INFANCY, and opens up all kinds of Green Pastures, And you know it.

    Folks do you realize with all of 49er's posts, he has yet to mention the VASER products and the potential explosive effects that product line will have on future quarters?

    Nope, and for that matter, no one even mentions it on this board for some reason.

    As management cleans up waste from recent aquisitions, costs will continue to grow smaller and smaller.

    As International sales continue to monopolize their balance sheets in future quarters, and the pool of active units in the field continue to mushroom, (wait for it)

    and a MOUNTAIN OF CONSUMABLES SALES WITH 80% MARGINS WILL PROVIDE the future growth of profits, cash flow, and equity.

    Now when you model out those trends, that provides your baseline for a reasonable aquisition price.

    My Prediction: 7.25 / share is the accepted offer.

    Yes, that's 7.25 per share.

    Sentiment: Buy

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