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  • janusdealer janusdealer Apr 25, 2007 6:29 PM Flag

    the squeeze is on

    margins and competition.
    a double whammy!
    bump up the divd.

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    • does mgmt really think they can stave off and compete with the big banks in the state which has turned into the most competive area in the US? if mgmt seriously had the stockholders best interest in mind, they would sell out right now. unfortunately this is a old time bank, with traditional mgmt and thinking outside the box isn't their strength. bottom line is margins are growth are going to gradually AND consistenly deteriate for years to come as these guys try to compete against BAC, C, WB, JPM.

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      • having that Texas tradition is nice. But most customers any more are transplants from other states and countries and don't care about tradition. They want national if not international banking access and a full range of services. Frost would make a great takeout for C, WM, SNV.
        SNV would at least take a hands off approach so CFR could coast on that Texas tradition.

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