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  • mybluc4 mybluc4 Jul 26, 2012 9:34 AM Flag

    another nice quarter. but as ssome point

    This is no different from every other institution in the banking sector. Not knowing what the gov't will let you do, to what extent and with what oversight banks are reluctant to invest, make loans they would normally make or put capital at risk of any kind, even in well researched endeavors. This hits CF especially hard as its core business is in a good economic marketplace, Texas, that is holding up far better than the country in general. Lehman, Bear, CS and JPMChase killed CF's opportunities in more ways than we could possibly know.

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    • well I ca not strongly disagree with your comment(s). But let me suggest that 1) CFR brags about not accepting any TARP funds. And that is great. Furhter Frosty is now state chartered. So with both those CFR should have less restrictions, mandates etc etc etc. nd a good (not strong mind you) economy at its bank I think cfr could be doing a bit better.

      Salvation here is the reasonable divd as opposed to....well most anything nowadays!

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