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Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. Message Board

  • oldharrovian oldharrovian Aug 18, 1999 4:06 PM Flag

    Regional Bank

    I have banked with Frost Bank since 1975, when I
    moved to San Antoinio. Their service is great, the
    people are helpful, and from the depths of 1985 they
    have really grown. Just wish I'd bought the stock at
    9, instead of 36, but my investment has tripled over
    the years. Frankly, I hope they aren't taken over
    because fees will go up and service down. Frost have
    always been very conservatively managed,which is why
    they were one of the few Texas banks not to go bust.
    With their acquisitions over the years, they now have
    amassed a strong presence in Houston since I moved there
    in 1993. Now they moved into the Fort Worth area.
    not mention Galveston, Corpus Christi, San Marcos,
    Boerne, etc. So for a predator they have good coverage of
    Texas, which is a big market.

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    • I have banked with Frost as well and love their
      service and smiles. I am now contemplating a block of the
      stock. Is this wise at this point? WIll the growth
      continue or will Bank One try to take over?

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      • Well who can say. I always thought that they
        would be taken over long ago. But maybe the Frost and
        Cullen families still hold significant % of stock, and
        this could be an impediment unless they wish to cash
        out. If I remember a Frost is still President after
        Tom stepped down. The premium from a take over would
        be nice, but I prefer the good service. Just for
        grins, check out the message board for UPC (Union
        Planters). Lots of unhappy Sunburst ex-customers. I only
        checked this out, because John Dessauer in his Investors
        World had tipped this as a Buy. Which I was thinking of
        doing until I read the comments on the message

        I am long 400, which was originally 100 before
        splits. So I plan to hang in. If I had none or only a
        small holding I would consider increasing it. The P/E
        is quite low. Good hunting.

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