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  • davebugs davebugs Jun 20, 2013 11:38 PM Flag

    Another MB with crickets?

    Some are full of trash.

    Some that may be interesting to dicsuss like RSTI have no posts.


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    • Should we take your having posted again as a buy signal? Your last posts, 5/1 and 5/2 were at the most recent low, and since you posted after yesterday's close, we're up 3% today!

      I've been waiting for this to make it past $28 so I can reallocate some of the funds I have invested here into IIVI. $28 has been a significant resistance price for more than a year.

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      • Sometimes a fella gets lucky...

        IIVI has always been my largest holding. It's how I found out about RSTI and it's higher BETA.

        The year I started adding some IPGP due to fibre even though RSTI bought a fibre company a year or so ago.

        I've done DD on and owned atleast for short periods of time I'd say 5 laser stocks. And ironically IIVI often isn't considered a competitor for some reason.

        IIVI - I have some thoughts on and that MB is a little more active, like that would take much.

        I usually attend IIVI's annual meeting too. RSTI I have trouble understanding the CC's a lot of time, same as IPGP.

        I haven't done so well with RSTI in a while. Infact I wrote ITM calls for DEC and if it's above 27.50 I lost on those calls.

        Summer and a tech stock (and lasers are a cyclical tech after all - atleast to me) is often sideways to down - thus the call writing some time ago. I hoped to buy them back lower - time will tell.

        I've never tied my posts to stock price action.

        But I did happen to sell some CY and CREE in the morning before all the fed excitement.

        And my favorite stock to trade is KLIC - also a tech cyclical. That's where I follow the closest and post the most at.

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