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  • aggierik aggierik Feb 15, 2007 4:22 PM Flag

    Why does this firm not have a address?

    Money, are you sure of this? I'd heard this from a different source as well, but the company has yet to announce anything. What area do you think they're considering in Norwalk? Why do you think they stayed in that area to begin with? I know it's close to NYC, etc, but it is terribly disadvantageous from a tax/cost of living perspective...

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    • They are moving to more suitable sized quarters after downsizing over the last 5 years and selling the old buildings to appreciate the value in it.

      It has been in the financial news for several weeks now.

      Hq workers are very well paid and no doubt will get a relocation allowance if necessary.

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      • Stockboss, thanks for the info., but I already knew the company sold their building... I just wasn't aware that they'd already decided on a new location in Norwalk.
        Secondly, I doubt the very well paid HQ workers will receive/need a relocation allowance, since Norwalk is only an exit or two east on I-95, and is considered "cheaper" than Stamford.
        Finally, my tax/cost-of-living question wasn't out of concern for the HQ workers per se, but more about the company's priorities. By that, I mean, why would Xerox, when presented w/ the opportunity to move anywhere else in the world, choose to stay in the elitist enclave of Fairfield County for a mere 300 employees, especially considering that the high property/income taxes & cost-of-living would make most sane people live anywhere but there.

        ...but that's more of a rhetorical question, since I am also aware that those who made the relocation decision more than likely live in Fairfield County, and make more than enough money to not be concerned w/ such trifling financial matters.

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