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  • xclffer xclffer Oct 23, 2012 8:43 PM Flag

    Heard a rumor that Ursula is resigning

    Would be good for company . She and her team have done a terrible job with Xerox. If the rumor is true many other Sr, Mgrs. must go.

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    • she should soon so XRX can move up...most of her subs should go also

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The Queen's Royall Gouard shall defend her and make sure she maintains the Throne!

      Non-believers shall come to learn the darkness of the vault! The Queen shall prevail and maintian her seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Count your confirms and BELIEVE with US!

      I used to think Xerox would never again the mechanical copier market!

      I believe, and so should YOU!!!!

      up, uP, UP! $12 by Friday and today is....FRIDAY!!!!!!

      Even MORE!!!! Good News Soon!

      GO BIG X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ursula was promoted to President and therefore heir apparent for Anne at Xerox in April 2007 - stock was $18+ and things looked good for Xerox -- it has been a very bad 5.5 years but does anyone really think she has anything to do with it?

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      • Ursula spearheaded ACS. Just as Tektronix was Mulcahey's baby, ACS belongs to Ursula. XRX paid too much for ACS and has had to take money out of other areas to make up for it. Hence the killing of production printing.

        Ursula also ushered in the era of #$%$" management. She crushed morale with a combination of yearly RIFs, re-badging to Indian companies, and mindless penny pinching. I can't believe how many top notch people just left -- usually to competitors.

        But the worst part is that the Board simply won't demand better! Ursula made a big mistake with ACS. The stock price shows it. Talent exodus shows it. The latest results show it. But, she is golden. All we can do is avoid the stock. You can't fight the Board if they're intent on destroying the company.

    • Don't kid yourself. Ursula did not emerge from nowhere. She started her rise as special assistant to Paul Allaire. The crook who hired and fired the incompetent Thoman. Ursula escaped all blame then to become President under Mulcahey. The same Board who loved Allaire sees Ursula as another in the same mold. Plus, she brings in the Diversity angle which provide great press. Just count all the awards given to Xerox for having the first black woman, most powerful black woman, etc etc.

      Ursula is no Steve Jobs or Dave Kearns. She holds no patents (but claims to be an engineer). Her one big project was Nuvera -- which started poorly and continues that way. Like Allaire, she is a cost cutter. Like Allaire, she has no appreciation for creating new ways of doing things.

      Poor XRX will have to go bankrupt or get taken over before this woman and her staff are removed. Meanwhile, do NOT expect innovative ideas, new technology, or anything positive from XRX. The future is all about cost cutting -- RIFs, outsourcing, rebadging employees to Indian companies, and fleeing employees. Sorry to be so bleak....

    • Can`t be soon enough...XRX needs an upside catalyst or two, or three..etc...

    • Maybe she didn't irif enough people. That's been her and anne's method of improving numbers. What do you do after all the furniture is burnt? Then you have to you how to do the job well. I think she's in trouble.

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