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  • slider707 slider707 Jun 19, 2009 11:54 AM Flag

    Killyb please read and learn

    I appreciate you trying to inform me but you are wrong. IF you go into the most recent Form DEF 14A or "proxy" you will find your answer...

    i have pasted below the specific aspect of the filing which will interest you...

    Name of Beneficial Owner Number Percent

    Named Executive Officers
    Ronald J. Packard(2) 1,243,572 4.20

    (2) Includes 294,117 shares of Common Stock, options for 948,207 shares of Common Stock and warrants to purchase 1,248 shares of Common Stock. These totals include both shares and options held individually and in the 2006 Packard Investment Partnership, L.P.

    ok pal? so you are wrong. Admit it. Move on and stop posting incorrectly in a public forum...Packard like just about every CEO in the world probably has 10b5-1 in cant expect someone to exercise their options and not sell...doubt packard has that much money on hand...its insane...this happens all the time. you not knowing any of this speaks volumes about how much you have to learn. Good luck.

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    • that defA is dated October 2008...chief.

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      • you are a fcking moron. You think that once stock and options have been awarded to a CEO they can be taken away? Christ. Im aware that was from Oct 08' (and its the only document out there that summarizes total holdings) the point was to see how much he his 1.2 million total shares and options versus what you have seen him sell...then look at the form 3s and you will see it has all been exercising options...

        also let me get this think since October of 08' ron packard has sold 294k shares and exercised and sold 980k or so worth of options? hahahah you are a FCKING IDIOT

        but ok im done wasting my time with you. Sell your stock. Run for the hills.

        by the way you dont find it odd that the street has all seen this info too and this stock is at its highest its been since oct 08'?

        u know ur wrong. go eat a dck dumbass. sell the stock if you want. I dont want such idiotic fellow stock holders.

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