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  • dbcconsulting1 dbcconsulting1 May 1, 2012 7:06 PM Flag


    This has been a blood bath with the shorts for the last month. There is zero reason why this stock should be where it is. I believe we have a while until this blood bath stops. Anyone have an idea of where we will be in Dec.? I'm thinking about taking the hefty loss, because this horse seems dead! Please convince me otherwise.....

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    • pat141 May 5, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

      Mr. Greendog, Thank you for your words of encouragement. Slow & steady is the recovery. Hope we can expect the same for TWIN. My wife & I just went for an easy walk (2mi.) along good old Lake Michigan. Hope you and all the other longs that post have a great weekend.
      Regards, George

      Hi Mac!

    • pat141 May 1, 2012 9:10 PM Flag

      As I have said before, I own a LOT (10,000's of shs.) of stock. Born & raised in Racine 72 yrs.Been here most of my life except for education & some job assignments. Last 40 years here as a business executive & owner. 5 grown children & 12 grandchildren all here. Have known the Twin Disc company & family for over 50 yrs. I am shocked & perplexed at the over 50% destruction of market cap. in this very short time. This is not about fracking, even CHK with its baggage gets a bounce. I've owned the stock several times before over the years but my current position is much larger and has a cost basis in the low 30's. I can't believe the price or the current trading action. I've been involved with shorts before but had longs & the company come in and stem the tide. Twin has not.If I sell here it is a major loss for me & my family if I go that route. Never thought it would be part of my thought process. I thought my family was so close to TWIN, its founding fathers, management, past & current operations, etc. I have always prided myself in being able to identify a problem. I can't find any here that would cause this stock price action. Good luck from Racine.

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      • Pat as you know the stock price does not accurately convey company value at the moment. This is stressful, but it is a blip. It would be a shame to sell your shares so low when the management, whom you (and I) have known and trusted for so long, and with good reason, have given us no reason to expect that the company might be in trouble. They merely forecast that the torrid growth they've experienced this year will likely be less torrid in the coming year. They also stated that the company is as strong now as it has ever been. I see no signal to sell in any of that, quite the contrary. TWIN will reward the patient.

        Hope you are recovering nicely from the surgery.

      • The stock represents good value but we live in a changing world and its the future that somehow doesn't reflect what america once was that causes these stocks to fall like they do. the uncertainty of the world, the job market, the massive debt that lingers in the world economies, the cheap labor that doesn't allow those people to buy things ( i won't get into apple which is an icon for whats bad in the world.) As much as the pundits want to spin how great everything is, there seems like something amiss and the average guy feels it everyday. At one time people felt more hopefully if they lost a job they could get another one pretty quickly. then there was opportunities to get promoted and make more money. a feeling of belonging be part of something everybody working together for the good of the company. well those days seem behind us now. so the fear of waking up one morning and the world is in turmoil is more prevalent than ever in today's world. we have become a dependent country and less control of our own destiny, which effects everyone in a pervasive way

    • I have always had Twin Disc... I remember buying Twin when it dropped from 12 to 10 back in 1999 or so...I wondered what went on...and I still do...the shorts have it wrong..but it is thin traded, so they can effect the price down or up...down is easy...but sales are still doing well...I live near Racine, so I hear from the floor what is going on...and they are is a simple as that..the p/e is 7.8...We all know this is fairly priced at 29 to 33 right now...and all but the Pleasure Craft is expected to do well...hang on to it...what else are you going to invest in...a savings acc't at .25% ? it'll come has 4 strong buys on it by First Call right now...

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