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  • pat141 May 17, 2012 5:30 PM Flag

    Melancholy Purchase

    My wife drove me to the doctor today for a post op checkup. On the way we drove by TWIN's home office. It was a trip down memory lane for me, remembering when my dad took me with him on sales calls in the early 50's when I was 10 to 12 years old. It was one of his ways of teaching me interaction with adults in a business setting. Building looks the same as it did then. I've been there as an adult many rimes over the last 40 years doing my own business. I guess when you hit 70, childhood memories are more important.
    When I got home I bought 2000 shs. near the close at $18.83. A sentimental add to all the stock I own in the mid 30's. Hope it all works out for all longs. I never understood the 22% short interest but give the devil his due. They have been right & I have been wrong.
    Hope you all have a nice eve.
    Regards, George

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    • Two stocks I follow and invest in that are getting up heads of steam at the moment are OMEX and CIGX

      Do your own DD of course, but I think they are worth a look if you have some cash at the ready

      Neither is a value play or remotely similar to TWIN, but both have huge projects in the works with tons of evidence that they are going very well indeed

      Anyway, those are the two things in my portfolio making me most optimistic at the moment, and since I like the good folks here on the TWIN board, thought I'd share

      Again, not a recommendation to buy, just a heads up that you may find them interesting if you check them out and do a little research

      I remain confident that TWIN soaring back to 40 and beyond is a matter of when, not if

    • Look at GTAT - sure, it could have some near-term issues. But the analyst reactions and buy/sell ratings and timings are downright ridiculous. P/E = 2.79, and supposed to make $1.40ish this year

    • It's not just many of my stocks have been cut in half, and all are small/medium enterprises that are profitable. 2013 could be flat, I dunno. But looking at my portfolio and seeing all of these P/E < 7 really seems f$#ked up. Apparently not much faith in the long-term economy...or else stocks are just getting sold down into oblivion on panic. The big blue chips have held in there (DOW still above 12K) but I'm worried the hit the smaller techs, etc., have taken is an indication of where it is all headed

    • Well, averaging down is sometimes a good idea, with a peg of .5 it sure looks cheap here.

    • George, 18.83 will turn out to be a fantastic buy even if the price drops 5 or 10 more dollars after this. Battens led TWIN through 2008 with the company in much weaker position--they will lead it through the neverending Big Fat Greek Default as well. Only thing to do is keep buying if it drops and thank our lucky stars later that we did (well hopefully sooner rather than later but at some point it will come zooming back up the charts). Even our buys in the 30s will look good eventually.

      So do you head north to the lakes at all during the summer or stay in Racine? Pretty nice summer weather in Racine, too, I expect.

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