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  • buzierbee41 buzierbee41 Jan 12, 2014 1:52 PM Flag


    this is truly criminal what happened here....paind pumping this stock on IHUB for a year..people lost massive amounts of money on the advice of people like COBRA on IHUB...he should be indicted for fraud in my opinion....he was telling people he was buying all the way down from 2 cents....he is the BIGGEST SCAM ARTIST on IHUB!.....while i feel no pain for veteran investors.....i do feel bad for the newbies....IHUB SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED!

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    • I sat a watched Kai and LongVestor on IHUB for months pan everything from the product, executives, etc. IHUB is a joke. I'm a builder, I will continue to use this product and will hold onto this stock.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Really? Get a life. Cobra Kai was among the misinformed. That's all. He is only guilty of drinking the Koolaid. The guilty one is Jaypequa on there and smallcaptrader on here.

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      • You are the loser!...go over and track his posts...he was repeating everything BATSON told him to repeat.....why you would protect him makes me suspicious of you as played both ends of ECOB fraud!.....i got names and numbers and i will pursue damages when the reverse split hits! moron!

      • Cobra was NOT misinformed!. I CLEARLY spelled out this POS Toxic Snake OIL operation Last JUNE!!!!

        He chose to ignore the facts while Rob at the boiler room Investor's relations suckered people!
        Simple facts! the most basic, Redwood toxic convertible debt gets up to 90% discounts from Conman!! That's filed inside the SEC FACTS!

        Anybody who ignores those facts is an IDIOT!

        Conman is issuing .0008's to hard street loans and as low as .0003's 's To Redwood as I write!


        and then he'll dump the other debts into it.. as of Sept 2013 debt was 18 million!

        TOXIC SCAM and only IDIOTS who do not look at the fundamental files inside the SEC are the suckers playing this!

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