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  • ROATAN_MAN ROATAN_MAN Oct 13, 2005 11:44 AM Flag

    Westerman Dvorak and Braken

    These guys unload huge amounts of stock in the high $26 range hmmmmm coincidence?

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    • You still haven't figured it out, have you.

    • Hey jackass incase you haven't noticed we are just the bag holders not the sellers. We aren't driving the prices down on double the normal volume the traders are!

    • Right.. all companies film is normal and has no indications of what is to happen.. just alot of nervous nellies..

    • Well that was the first insider sale between UCOMA and LBTYA in 2 years....that stock is up 150% not exactly bearish.

    • There is only a shelf registration and no dilution at all. From a recent Hulbert article: "... aggressive insider selling "might even suggest that insiders do not have negative information'' about their companies, according to the professors. In fact, they reason, insider inaction may be a more bearish signal, because it may mean that insiders have bearish information about their companies but cannot trade on it." It's not like Malone is selling,

    • Probably very true!

    • I think these executives got chicken shit scared of the potential dilution which probably Malone ordered. Their investment temperament is focused on the short term. Personally I think this selling is overdone and the stock will be up tomorrow. Also, the potential for higher worldwide interest rates doesn't help the consolidator game.

    • I don't think it means the company is going under it just means they think it may be getting to the point it is overvalued. If the average anaylsts has fair value at 31.50. And westermen sells 83k shares I mean wouldn't you atleast wait 3 more points till it got to $30 to sell? Thats a qtr million....if one had done it that is one thing but to have 3 execs on the same day....not good thinking. Just my thoughts....And trust me if they continue to "diversify" this stock will not go up. If fries comes out and sells 100k shares watch the reaction!!!! It won't be positive!

    • BLook around show me all the stocks that insiders especially this high up where insiders sell and the stock continues up. He could have sold months ago ...they all of the sudden each needed a million dollars? No they thought the stock was topped out. If you think their is no correlation between when SEC statement was filed and how much the stock has fallen look again. I mean I don't think they think it's going under but they may have felt the stock had gotten ahead of it self and decided to sell. The market takes insider sales very seriously. Wioth all the money these guys make they didn't have to sell. Poor judgement not a sign of armageddon!

    • Hey, RM, you said you were leaving this board for your private board...What happened???? People sell stocks for many reasons..I wanted to sell when Bush was elected and re-elected..I knew it would be a disaster..people are sick of things for alot of reasons...higher interest rates and bad inflation numbers...Westreman,etc. maybe selling because of market conditions.. doesnt have to reflect on LBTYA...For a so called professional, you sure are nervous..anyway I dont rely on what is posted here ... I trust Malone.. wish all of you that dont would just sell and leave...

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      • Sam I do post all the reports on the private board not here and yes you have an excuse for everything. Obviously no matter what this company does including large insider sales by 3 of the top 4 executives it is all good in your eyes. Well we are almost down 5% on the day the market obviously doesn't agree and sees something they aren't liking. Huge dilusion of shares, insider selling and issuing of new debt. Along with less than stellar response to digital. Yes there are many good things happening but plenty of potholes and risks.

      • They just sell for asset allocation reasons. Note for example that Friess exercised and then sold 25% of his stock, so for the time being he still keeps three time as much. And yes. he may have his reasons: may be his misstress needs a new house. You don't have to report any reason to the SEC.

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