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  • sam_0534 sam_0534 Nov 28, 2005 11:04 AM Flag

    Stock dangerously close

    at the panicky UCOMA holders still here.. Just sell and end your misery...Never seen so many scared investors.. as if this is the only stock they own..all this emotional ppostings tells me you should not be in the stock market.. all you do is comnplain...I am a Malone fan and dont worry about stock prices though I am not always happy..but I make the decisions to buy so I am ONLY to blame..if you can not accept that responsibilty your life will not be so great..

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    • You say your not emotional but everyday you post these stupid emotional posts begging people to sell so you don't have to read it. I say again. Why don't you sell or get off the fucking board if you don't like it. My responsibility is too protect my money and I do so by watching the moves of this stock very closely. Just because you are some fool who trusts CEOs blindly that doesn't help us. I am with RM if this stock closes below the 200 DMA I am out at the close. And then I may actually go short...Oh wait are shorts allowed to post here censorship Sammy? I don't buy and sell on do and your love of malone. I buy on technicals , performance and potential!!!

    • Sammy you are a fucking tool you are the one that rode Enron down to .20 from $80 right? Everyday is a strong buy for Sam!
      Why piss away 30% we already have pissed away 17% and if you are on margin maybe 30-40%. Some people have more than $500 in the stock Sam and money is money. I personally have over 100k And this to me seems like all it is doing is going down. Once the trend reverses you buy. You just don't say no worries and watch your stock go down everyday you sap.... Go buy $100k your self or shut the hell up and don't tell people how to spend their money. If you think people shopuldn't be concerned with a stock breaking a 200 DMA and you are stock broker...then I guess we know why your used to be a stock broker. People do accept responsibility and its their responisbility to sell or short of they have lost confidence in a company....Hey shit head you think fundmanagers just buy one stock and sit on it forever? They rotate in and out of sectors and stocks that are in favor or out of big jackass!!!! Its nervousness its called common sense!!!!!

    • Whoose scared? If you have no concern for your money its not our problem!!!

      You have had strong buy on since $27+ if you were a FM you would be fires for this kind of performance.

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