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  • magoo_danny magoo_danny Oct 26, 2009 10:34 PM Flag

    NEWPORT Menthols - SMOOTH

    I gotta agree dude, Newports are a good smooth smoke. I own this stock and don't even smoke but the other day I thought what the hell...let's buy a pack of Newports and see what everyone is raving about. Well, I lit one up and before I knew it, I had sucked down like 6 of the things on a drive home from a business trip. I of course don't really smoke...I just sucked it in to get the taste then blow out without inhaling...but I'm telling ya these things are pretty good.

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    • you are VERY wise not to inhale, like me, just enjoy a draw or two in your mouth and the blow out.

      I wish others could see that LO shares are like owning Phillip Morris in 1965, my friend, you are sitting on a 10-bagger here with this stock and will get a nice dividend along the way.

      Watch for a stock split soon - its coming - probably 3 for 1 or 4 for 1.


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