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  • dkjenken dkjenken Feb 28, 2012 4:36 PM Flag

    I wouldn't bet against those words

    "I hereby make an offer to purchase TBET stocks not owned by me for $3.00 per share in cash,"said Mr. Hong Yu, "delisting details will be announced shortly".

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    • Moreover, the company board issued a statement to the press affirming its intention to accept the offer. Search my previous posts for links, including the statement appearing on the TBET company website.

      That isn't some blow-hard on the internet talking smack. That is the CEO who already owns 22% of the shares making that statement for the press and then the company issuing its own statement in turn announcing its intention to follow through.

      I hope there are shorts that bet against this and I hope they sow more confusion so that cheaper shares can be bought up and played, just as they have been the last two days.

      If you do flip your shares, I suggest you also keep a core position because this could see 2.50+ in a flash with the issue of an 8K or further statements by the company.