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  • zanetta33 zanetta33 Mar 13, 2012 9:55 AM Flag

    field report from Hong Kong

    I visited roughly 10 dispensaries and spoke with about 5 pharmacists.
    None had heard of Tibet Pharmaceuticals or 25 Ingredients Mandrake pill.

    Anna Brandt, Acting Secretary
    Investors Liberation Movement

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    • It's occupied by TAKA Corporate Services Limited.

      The Account Manager, Becky LO, and another female employee
      explained that their company is the Secretary for TBET,
      and they receive government letters, taxes, and accounting.

      She says TBET is likely located in Mainland China.
      It's common for Chinese companies to set-up their
      business address in Hong Kong.

      (In a separate conversation, some HK locals told me
      that it's very easy to register your own business
      to get a Hong Kong visa. Some don't even have a real business,
      it's just made-up so they can get a visa.)

      For privacy reasons, she couldn't provide any info to me.
      I said there was no reply to an email sent.
      She said the email address I found online is probably sent to her company.

      She also said that TAKA and TBET have a company in between connecting each other.

      She also said setting up a business address in Hong Kong
      makes others want to do business with you.

    • still no reply received from the Company yet

      Are Wall Street Fascists maliciously preventing TBET-shareholders
      from helping to promote its remedies?

    • a secret recipe, shouldn't the Company say so.
      If it has a patent, isn't that important to know.
      Knowing the recommended uses is vital also.
      Evil forces evidently want to keep shareholders ignorant.

      • 1 Reply to whbuncensored
      • I got through two paragraphs of that and my head started to hurt. There's a reason I don't read or write non-fiction: it simply isn't interesting. If you want to provide relevant bullet-points, I'll check them out at half time of the NCAA game that's about to come on. Now if you can find me a decent author who has put together a fictionalized account of corruption in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, that might be an enjoyable read. Murder and mayhem combined with a dash of sexual intrigue would be a whole lot more entertaining than a long, boring entry on wiki...

    • That is indeed my site, and as should be abundantly clear from my book previews, I don't write in any way, shape, or form about investing. I'm a novelist, and frankly I don't find investments all that interesting. On this board alone, I've listed the names of previous companies for which I worked. Also, the information is available through FINRA on their site. My U4 is clean, and I left on my own accord to pursue a dream most consider crazy. Neither of the firms where I've worked in the past have in any way effected my investment decisions and as a result, bringing them into the conversation seems irrelevant. My parents don't nor does my wife, and I haven't disclosed their names either.

    • The reason companies reveal their ingredients in the US is because the FDA requires it. If you want to rant about corruption, the FDA would be the perfect place to start. Several effective medications I've taken have been pulled simply based on their "studies". Anyone who believes no money exchanges hands to lubricate the wheels is delusional. In China, no such requirement exists, and as a result, there's no reason for them to release any proprietary information to you or any of the other smaller investors on this board. If you really want the ingredients, petition the government of China and see how far that gets you. Putting myself in the shoes of Tibet I wouldn't release the information unless required by law. If that makes me an evil capitalist, so be it.

      As for whether or not $3/share is a fair price, that's a decision to be made by investors. Market manipulation is an epidemic, but it's an auction market. Obviously I'm not a fan, but if you speculate and lose money, the only person to blame is yourself. For the most part, people in the stock market who get burned by MM are speculators and those who buy on margin. I have no sympathy for either group. Don't forget MM drove the price of AAPL down to $40/share several years ago and now it's at $600. They can only control the market to the extent that you allow them. Buy and hold investors aren't nearly as affected.

    • in the world that contain secret proprietary-ingredients, Robert?
      Since I don't, I believe there're none and never will be any.

      Would you like to know the recommended uses and other ingredients
      in TBET's 25-Ingredients Mandrake Pill? If not, how can you evaluate
      the potential future-value of TBET?

      Do you feel that $3 is a fair price for TBET now?
      Do you approve of stock-price manipulation?

    • My name is William H. Brandt, 64, Pennsylvania.
      I'm an independent investor with no FINRA license.
      I have no position at present in TBET but have bought 15,000 shares
      for my elder daughter Anna so far.
      Our roles in Investors Liberation Movement were previously disclosed.
      I take no medication for mental or physical illnesses.

      I gather this is your website:

      Since you neglected to identify your former investment-company connection,
      I deduce that you're not proud of its name and are glad you left to write full-time.

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