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  • shawnthomason4 shawnthomason4 Apr 30, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    Im Out

    Longs and anyone else still in this stock. I sincerely hope that this turns out not to be a fraud and hope you make an absolute killing.

    I can't risk this anymore, I have to pay for college. The 1k traded in an hour at open was a joke. Also Friday's 700k sold was crazy. Kind of makes the whole argument of "Insiders sold all shares mute". Why would only 700k be sold if float was 15 million?

    Anyways none of my points change from when I posted recently. I think we would have heard from Sherb/BOD's by now but nope.
    We should have heard from SEC/NASDAQ but again nope.

    Good luck to all and I can see from when I sold mine that it already has gone up. Im out of stocks forever and into the low yield savings account where my money will be "safe" (subject to BS fine print fees).

    It was a pleasure talking to each and everyone of you. I know I put in my DD and time but I can't take the chance it opens at .01 in "xxxx amount of time" because SEC/NASDAQ takes forever to update the market.


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