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  • yahoo yahoo May 13, 2005 4:00 PM Flag

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    • Well, johnmancino. Glad to see you got someone to correct your spelling and gramatical errors before you posted this time. As to your stock and your managerial ineptness, I see you are still severely lacking. Mr. Market saw through your accounting tricks and took the stock down on what in reality was another crappy quarter. Nice to see that sad sack Gleek Plick has been still selling stock. Aren't you glad you caved in and let him hold his company for ransom so you could finally get the deal done ? You are a sorry excuse for a bank manager.

    • Got you thinking I see. Good to see you�ve stretched your limited mental ability as far as it will go.

    • The only one that could know what a good price for a takeover target would be is raceen. He has been following the stock for years and has much of the data needed to determind what the price is.

    • johnmancino, libank is right. Speak up boy ! If your ninth grade English teacher ever reads your post, she'll puke. As a shareholder, I am alarmed at your stupidity. Wise up !

    • I havent been on this board for a long time and I take a look today and low and behold a post from someone with a board name johnmancino.

      Any relation to the big man at RSLN? After I read all you said and the way you defend the bank and those that run it I have a strong feeling that you might be related.

      Also are you related to rslnlover? Thats the only other person on this board that defends the bank with the same passion that you do. Maybe the two of you are the same person??????

      Nice to be back. Nice to see that most things have not changed.


    • By the way JOHN, speaking of Enron etc. guess who on the staff of Roslyn used to work at Enron? Do you know who?

    • You didn't stand up at last years meeting to say shit, noone did. Just praise and bullshit. I was there last year, the year before that, the year before that and the year before that etc., etc., etc. How many people on this board are going to say "at next years meeting I'll do this and that" "at this years meeting I'll do this and that." Who here really cares about their investment, put your mouth where your money is you bunch of cowards!

    • Hey rslnlover, your way too lenghty post doesn't change the FACT that this stock will once again be one of the WORST performers among its peers when 2002 is history. Just like my earlier post said, the lower this stock goes the more nonsensical and obscene your posts are. Let's hope "this mutual in disguise as a public company" finally figures out the only way to generate above average shareholder returns is to SELL in 2003 !!!!!!!

    • Bankman,

      Let�s talk about you genius and wit. The only suggestions you have ever made is �SELL THE BANK�. What a loosing and defeatist position. When things get tough you CUT AND RUN. YOU ARE A PUSSY AND A COWARD. Many times I asked to meet you, and you ignore me. When can we do it?????? Don�t you really want to reveal yourself? At the stock holders meeting I personally complemented Joe, John and Jack face to face with respect and professionalism!!. What do you do, hide in the shadows like the snake you are. We all know you worked for RSLN and you were canned. It�s just a matter of time before we figure you out and you can then change you name. I thought Joe B. but that can�t be true any more. Are you Charlie G? As for your comments about my plan, I put it in the hands of the experts that run the bank OR I WOULD SELL MY STOCK and not BITCH AND WINE LIKE THE ASS HOLE YOU ARE. YOU Obviously have a sore spot probably in your ASS from where JOE KICKED YOU WHEN YOU WERE TOSSED OUT because you are an incompetent. When are you going to start your own business so we can track you ticker symbol?????. Can�t you come up with something newer than "mutual in disguise as a public company." That dead horse has nothing left to beat. Oh I forgot, you�re a witless looser forced into early retirement by Joe and the best you can do is cheer sell sell sell sell. I here ENRON and Arthur Anderson are looking for your abilities. If things are so bad, why not sell????????????? If you know so much, why don�t you run some other bank and buy RSLN so you can show us all. BANKBOY, what�s holding you back????? I find it amazing you can read the mind of Joe, John and Jack. Since you talk about �your read� and �everything to do with EGO� I�m wondering when is it your turn on the physic hot line???

    • Isn't it poetic justice that the LOWER this stock sinks into the crapper the more vulgar and profane rslnlover's posts become. It speaks volumes about her inability to ever talk to the issues and conveys a sense of desperation. Maybe now rslnlover you are finally recognizing you are in denial about this "mutual in disguise as a public company." This management team has never once demonstrated its ability to produce above average returns. This is why this stock has consistently underperformed its peers and trades at a discount P/E multiple to its competitors. I have stated numerous times my response to your query; "what is your plan??" which has been and remains: a sale of this bank to a company better prepared and equipped to manage a public company of this size. I will be posting on this board the FACTS regarding 2002 & 2001 stock price performance of this pathetic management team on Jan. 2, 2003. I can gurantee IT WILL BE UGLY ONCE AGAIN!! PLEASE TELL US RSLNLOVER WHAT IS YOUR PLAN FOR THIS BANK AND ITS LOUSY STOCK???? If you think this bank is soooo great then why didn't you get up at last years annual meeting and be the hero and tell big joe and the board what a great job they are doing??? The only coward on this board is YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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