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  • littleharm littleharm Aug 20, 2009 7:09 PM Flag

    Retail reports don't add up

    Things like this:

    "Sales at North American Gap stores open at least a year were down 10 percent, while Banana Republic's same-store sales fell 15 percent.

    Old Navy's same-store sales slipped 4 percent, compared with a 16 percent drop in the year ago period. The company's international division's same-store sales fell 5 percent."

    while saying closing stores and cutting costs could bring them to analysts' expectations.

    These numbers should not make anybody add shares.

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    • im in at 29 and change - love what i see

    • my favorite illusion performed by the fed magicians - "we will now attempt to pull the table away from the meal without spilling the fine china and dinner all over the place " (notice I said table and not table cloth)

      Can Bernake the magificent pull it off - or will he look like Jethro the magnificent and get milk all over his face - and pop the bubble single handedly- stay tuned - this could be fun

      And i love the wonderful smoke and mirror job being pulled off by AIG's CEO - what a beauty that is - 180 BB in Govt money could not be paid back in 60 yrs !!!! what a farce but look at the stock price - from pennies to 34!!!! wheeeeeee - the illusion has become reality - but for how long!!!!

      (I rest my case that fund managers are lemmings - but they have driven this market up on a feeding frenzy unseen in many years - when does the elastic pop in this fragile balloon is the ultimate question!!!!

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      • I'll say one more thing - and I'll shut up -

        The reality right now is this

        1- People are still losing jobs and are either under employed with many who have quit looking for work - therefore the jobless rates don not tell the whole story - therefore people have much less money to spend at the retail level - where will the revenue come from - more cost cutting???

        Do wall street analysts say this - NO not directly because they have to generate business for their firms

        2- People have lost equity in their homes in alarming amounts along with Debt they have amassed over the years - (i know I have lost about 25% in my home equity - it doesnt make me want to go out and blow money on a bunch on nice things right now - been shoping at Walmart more to save costs - and eat in a lot more than i used too)

        Does not paint a very favorable picture going forward for retail stocks - but they keep going up right now - so i'm long

        i bought em at 18 sold em around 26 - this is my second buy - just because they wont go down right now - i guess we'll see what happens soon

    • The illusion and hype is what stocks gains are all about - the hate what I see - but have made good gains off of it - the key is to buy the hype/dung/crap and sell the reality - when does the reality sink in to "fund manager lemmings" that things AINT so good - and people really dont have money to drive revenues and earnings higher - and the cos have cut expenses as far as they can to drive it - a bubble in retail stocks is building - but i'm still long - will take profits soon but not today!!!

      The wall street fantasy game is crazy - the hard part is buying what you hate!!!!

      I bought 1000 at 30.90 2 days ago - im up a little - my stop is at 29.40 (about 5% down) - if it hasnt gone down on the latest earnings (or lack of earnings) news - it might not go down!!!!

      (just one persons opinion - which may or may not be wrong) good luck to all

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