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  • esdumkauf esdumkauf Sep 10, 2009 6:07 PM Flag

    More Govt Lies:::

    Everything is wonderful - The recession is over

    Then how come I have more friend than ever that are out of work - losing there jobs - and several have just exhuasted there unemployment benefits - two i know of have quit looking for work and are considering taking jobs way beneath their education and experience - a third just committed suicide (i spent my labor day weekend - looking after they're dog so his widow could make all the funeral arrangements and stay with her mother for a while)

    Yes - the economy is just Great - makes me want to go out and spend bundles at the retail level

    I hate this Govt - This President and all the Lies being told - what a bunch of crap

    And I realy hate the Wall Street crowd the most for creating all this HYPE that things are great all of a sudden!!!!! what a crock

    With things so perfect now - I bet a massive correction cannot be far away!!!!!

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    • Dont take my word for anything - but - just look at the revenues of all the XRT stocks - I believe I calculated the average Revenue loss at around 17% yet the fund is up 120% since March -

      what a joke!!!!

      Its not selective stock picking by these Lemming Fund Managers anymore - Its just simply Trash Collecting

      They lost Billions before - and they'l do it again very soon!!!!

      I'd start raising cash Pronto!!!!

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