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  • hampstead371 hampstead371 Dec 2, 2009 11:31 AM Flag

    Ringing the $ TLB Bell Once Again

    Just took a 39 cent TLB gain prior to the earnings sure busts Joel's craw when I make more TLB jing...ahhh, such a money spinner it is...Joel has to have averaged up on his short, assuming he even has any position in the stock and is not just a paid per post hedge fund basher, and even he is making money also..& so nasty to everyone, even when making money as well...

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    • I read every TLB SEC filing and all of AEON's press releases as well..this "idiot" has made low seven figures trading TLB over the past year, guess that makes me really dumb, huh?

    • The idiot has never opened a book, much less looked at a balance sheet.

    • I only play for the long-term, which will be ZERO!
      Got it, get it, good.

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      • The U.S. economy coming out the recession, Big J...AEON has tremendous staying power and will not let go of its TLB investment, it will wait years to get its money back. Deal with it.

        Say, did you see the non farm payroll numbers, only down 11,000 for November, and unemployment number going down to 10% in November. News flash. The recession is ebbing, slowly inexorably, the U.S. economy is going to turn back up. And Talbots has enough cash for 3 more years of recession. Trouble is, this recession is ending NOW, and by the summer of 2010, TLB should be posting same store sales comps much better than will be starting to spend again and head on over to Talbots for some it happen..J man, don't disregard economic benchmarks like the ones we saw on Friday lightly. If you do so, as a short, you likely will get your head handed to you financially. How about that 58 cent TLB gain on Friday, Joel, wish I could have gotten back in but its clear that the low 6s are a new floor on this stock...gets back there again will be back to ring the TLB jing bell once again..happy trading, bon vivant J man..

    • Since you sold the stock went down.

      There seems to be a direct correllation there.

      Thanks you!