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  • joelxyz58 joelxyz58 Dec 10, 2009 12:11 AM Flag

    AEON gives away equity stake in Talbots

    I suppose you fels already know that, right? In order to get paid back on the debt it was kind enough to extend, it forfeited its equity. Huge vote of confidence. One has to wonder what the point of extending all that credit was. Saving face, I suppose.

    Tiny fact overlooked by press releases. $550mm raised, but only $500 after transaction expenses, per the public filing. $491mm paid back to Aeon and friends. GE loans $200mm to help make this happen, but ALL the money is going to fees and Aeon. So, it seems like Talbot's still needs MORE money since the new equity and debt are already spent paying back Aeon.

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