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  • ranni.malmsteen ranni.malmsteen Sep 11, 2011 12:02 AM Flag

    Some Interesting TLB Realities

    "caylabrielle said:

    You're all idiots really. You should be in CWTR @ .90 getting your positions set for the huge CWTR turnaround. CEO just bought $700,000 worth himself this week. No poison pill there, just massive upside. Talbots, Really??? C'mon guys. "

    Neither Coldwater Creeck / Talbots, aren't turning around any time soon. You haven't look their balance sheet?

    You should buy cheap companies, which are growing profitably & gaining market share.

    Caché Inc, is one of those who just recently accomplished their turn around. SSS should be up +10% second half, their pace is clearly accelerating. Do your own DD.

    Okay, Take care!

    Disclosure: Long [CACH]

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    • hey douche bag ranni you could have doubled your money this week if you bought coldwater and sold your cach...even tlb doin' better...clearly you know nothing about this biz...

    • I see TLB & CWTR both, in very similar situations. They gave some of you, nice techical rebound (dead cat bounche) two years ago, but like their financial statements indicates, real restructuring haven't even started. And in my experience, it may take least 24months or so...

      Now, going forward, i think, Mr. Market will give unthinkable lesson, to those investors (read: traders) who are acting like pavlov's dogs, and tries to play same dead cat bounce again. I'm sorry to say, but these turds are not going to fly before their profitbility is regained, and it will take time. And meanwhile, most of those weak hands will be shaken out.

      Good day!