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  • Why hasn't j2 gotten back to me on my efax number ? Have they taken all the free numbers back ? Only the inactive ones ? What's the deal ? Their web site sucks...poor FAQ section. They should answer these questions.

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    • Who are these buyers?

      After market release perhaps? about SEX!!!! They usually announce in the morning....

      Way to shake things up over there Scottie!

    • I heard one of them mention it in a conference call a while back. Still don't quite understand it, but at the time it seemed "sexy" to me.

      Conference call question: Where are you with the C-Commerce platform?

    • What the heck is "C-Commerce" anyways?


    • It might be hard to roll out new products without some of the (many) engineers they let slide through their fingers.

    • Good idea, Mile: "come on j2 .... think of something sexy...."

      I've been following j2 on this board for something like 15 months and still haven't seen New Technology Idea #1 come from the company. They're offering a stagnant product (which may still be a good product) and all they manage to do is tinker with marketing ideas.

      When your competition is growing, but you aren't, if the water starts rising, you may be the first to find your head isn't tall enough.

      Maybe the long-term idea was to be bought out. Maybe they put as much time into modeling 'value' as rjbluesky used to. Maybe they believed those figures. A bad strategy.

      What typifies j2 right now is 'complacency'. The stock market will not reward complacency. When the bigger players start buying messaging technology companies, j2's inertia in the 'idea' field will leave the company languishing on the vine....

      ... unless it comes up with "something sexy".

      Does j2's staff even have the capability now to do "something sexy"? If so, they're hiding it well.

    • The key factor is the trend of conversions off the free base. If they are going down, then I say kill 'em off, and if they are going up keep them around a little longer. shot at becoming a pay only service and you're left with:

      A nice cash flow positive company with positive EPS that is GROWING LIKE A SNAIL in an emerging sector.

      Come on j2....think of something sexy other than ripping apart your free base (if you are thinking of that at all). Get out there and launch the C-Commerce platform...become the IBASIS of VoIP WITHOUT the debt....take someone out, for damn's sake get some growth under them numbers and take on the WORLD!

      What was the paid account growth last quarter? A total sleeper right? And now that everyone and their mother is in this sector, j2 has LOST the first to market stronghold it had when EFAX came on the scene.

      I'm still with Ureach until you guys get find-me-follow-me.

    • You get what you pay for

      In your case you payed nothing you get nothing

      Freeloaders always shout the loudest

    • Whay should they worry about a FREE customer.

      Why not PAY for what you want to use!

      You bring the company no money so get lost!

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