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  • pkyancey pkyancey Nov 23, 2010 9:57 AM Flag

    Interesting Reading

    Check out the following links for some interesting reading. I'm going to follow this stock for a while and see if it is for real. They appear to be making the right moves thus far. If they do the right things, this could end up a big deal.



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    • This is even more interesting reading:

    • You are mistaken. People lend their names to pump and dumps all the time. Last year
      Shaquille O’Neal sent a cease and desist letter to a blogger that wrote about how Shaquille O’Neal was being paid by NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc to promote their so called artificial sweetener product (see the links below). This company NXTH was a paid pump and dump and the stock crashed. It went from 3.50 to 1.50 in one day as the stock promoters and management dumped their worthless stock on the public after a constant manipulation for a month. Then they pumped the stock a second time and it did the same thing. The mailers in the link I posted below look very similar to the ones I received in my email on HHWW 2 weeks ago when the suspicious price increase in this stock started. The stock promoter who is sending spam emails on HHWW got paid $500,000 to send out there emails to unsuspecting victims that think that HHWW is a legitmate company because the company says they got a deal with Saks Fifth Avenue, but look at the financial statements just released. This company has no revenues, no earnings, no products and now has a 150 million market cap up from half that amount in a matter of just 2 week! Its in research and developement stage and the company merely says they bought out the assets and liabilities of another company and higherd this clothing designer as a licensing consultant. The company may not even had anything to do with clothing before it did a reverse merger around November 10th. Shaquille O’Neal has an estimate net worth of $300 million and he was involved in a pump and dump scheme so why do you think a so called legitimate designer would not also be involved in an alleged scam if paid handsomely? Please people save your money and invest in real companies like GE or MSFT or buy and index fund like the SPY rather than throwing your money away. Penny stocks are notorious for being scams. You can make a lot of money if you are lucky and can sit in front of the computer all day but the second this stock starts to drop you are screwed. Stop losses won't protect you as there will be no buyers of the stock and it will drop 50% in one day. I guarantee you this. How do I know? I have seen this happen over and over and a new sucker is born ever minute so they never round out of people with money to steal. You have been warned.