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  • mechicksexer mechicksexer Jul 21, 2008 7:20 PM Flag

    Full disclosure


    I had to give up my main moniker, yo harvest, cuss I couldn't stand all the ridicule. I is one sharp cookie since even in this market, I am ahead of the game. Many 401Ks are now 201Ks. We won't see another good market until the next generation of suckers comes along which will be years. And with all the troubling debt we could see a depression.

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    • You should've stuck with your original moniker. Ruler is much less fitting. The only thing you're ruling is maybe an imaginary mongoloid who you force to post on this here board so as to blindly support your bonehead statements. Course I reckon if I lived in my mom's basement, and lurked on this board 24 hours a day with only brief interludes to look at filthy websites and get my rocks off, I might make up a fictional mongoloid friend too. Creates a sense of accomplishment, I reckon.

      But you are certainly right about the troubling debt and funny money loans pumped into the system by the demoncrats. That will likely lead us straight into a depression. Hopefully Osama's chronies won't make things worse than they have to be, but I wouldn't go countin on it.

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