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  • mikehunt84666 mikehunt84666 Feb 9, 2009 3:18 PM Flag

    (OT) Graham Says Obama Is 'AWOL' on Stimulus Debate

    Quickie quiz:

    The alledged financial crisis was caused by:

    Vall Street and the Jews that run it: Greenspam, Rubin, Bernacke, Greenberg, Weill, and others such as those running Bear and Lehman. Way to numerous to mention here. Jews teach their lot to be either doctors or financial scamsters.

    The moron (now gone)and his republicon congress.

    Clinton, Rubin and Greespam giving the ok to weird financial products that Vall Street went wild with plus Clinton ok-ing the 500,000 home exemption from taxes.

    Barn, Chris, Chuckie, Teddie, Robert Bennett(UT)
    and others who fed the housing market via Fred and Fan. The WSJ noted 7 of them but I can't think of the other two. Anybody?

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