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  • Inside_the_ball Inside_the_ball Feb 10, 2009 4:23 PM Flag

    Market reaction to OBAMAONOMICS

    DOWN *******382***********


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    • Absolutely WRONG!!!

      The Market is reacting to the realization of the size of the MESS that GW Bush has left behind. Obama has been very truthful with the American People as compared to the endless Bullsh*t of GW Bush. The Media and Congress became totally BrainDead with GW Bush's complete lack of competence and his reliance on his BS. Now the real GW Bush is becoming apparent due to Obama's policy of telling the thruth and trying to cope with the many problems that GW Bush has created. There are yet those who have not realized how bad Bush has screwed up. Once they accept that and realize that Obama has the Intelligence and Honesty to deal with the GW Bush MESS the Market will react much more positive. So far Obama has dealt with this GW Bush MESS as well as anyone can.

      Never forget. This is GW Bush's SCREW UP. And this Bush SCREW UP is severe and will not be easily solved. The GW Bush administration has caused many to become totally BRAIN DEAD. As Brains began to function again Obama's policies will be better understood and credit given as deserved. It is too bad that after an Idiot for a president for 8 years that the National Intelligence has degenerated to that approaching GW Bush's. That of a near Idiot. Under Obama that should improve with time....

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      • I suggest you read my recent, prior posts. What we have here is an obomination. The demoncrats, along with that idiot Jew running the Fed, are destroying the good faith and credit of the US just like that other idiot Jew did, Greenspam. It almost seems planned. What this country needs is a gigantic tax and property confiscation from those that have greatly benefited from our irresponsible entrenched politicians. Who needs terrorists when elected people like we put in can do a much better job of destroying the country. Another plus would be for the 2 left coasts to fold into the ocean.

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