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  • auagboy auagboy Apr 4, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Urge to merge....Gabon the best asset

    sell the company to someone who has deep pockets to fund development

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    • Gabon? Not even able to declare commerciality and it will need about 5 years and around 300MM to develop and make the first dollar. Do you think Companies will pay Harvest anything more than they should pay in Chapt 11, knowing that HNR has not even 5 months in cash and no way to get any cash from equity.

      Plus about dozen CAS lawsuit, SEC suit again HNR and its officers, NYSE delisting for fraud in filing etc etc...

      If you try to make few bucks because it is cheap, THINK TWICE and good luck.

      Gabon is the only chance for the debtholders and few large Institutions to get some cash back the commons have been slaughtered and they do not know it yet.


    • hnr with its "creative book keeping methods,and all assets tied up in litigation for the next couple of yrs.,who would want the trouble and hastle to buy this stink co. that is to pooped to pop. indonesia gave them the boot once it smelled hnr,before they even saw them. i have said and stated this is a bad scnario co. in the past a quick in and out,not a hold at all unless u go over the cliff,lemming style with your nose in the back crak in front of u. like the ruler loser and jauw the qum qwat qween.they seem to love the stench like smell of hnr. once hnr leaves this thread and goes to the HNR.Q SITE, I WILL NOT FOLLOW,I PROMISE ROBERT. I WILL LEAVE U ALONE TO CONVERSE WITH YOUR MANY YAHOO I.D.'S UNTIL YOUR HEARTS CONTENT.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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