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  • respectfully_submitted respectfully_submitted Sep 20, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

    Now owns 5.1% of HNR, 2,000,000 shares

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    • That a purely informational post like this receives a "down vote" makes it clear how frothily deranged some frequenters of this message board must be.

      What are they down voting? Reality? Facts? The way things are?

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      • Very smart observation. This board is basically polluted by two individuals with multiple yahoo handles. One is a beah bum who actually made a mistake of posting a message under his real name handle a few months ago (Bigblue AKA Norbert Mizzi) after which youtube videoes of him surfaced showing him painting portraits of tourists on Venice Beach for $20. He basically bashes the company by simply making up numbers and facts. He simply makes up #$%$ and has been saying the stock is going to zero since it was $3 per share. He likes to live the life of a trader in his fantasies. He constantly predicts that HNR is going to 0 but posts messagesthat he made money trading HNR when HNR goes up!!!
        The other one is a complete psycho that likes to post jive (Groovesomething)!! Some old timers on the board believe that is a handle for the beach bum's wife.
        If you put those two on ignore, you actually will get some interesting exchange of information. You have more than a couple of knowledgable people (Respectfully---- whose post you were refering to being one of them) on

      • Right, a few with agendas here from years back that really border on sickness. Not important enough to be sickness so only on the border looking in. You've got to filter them out. This is a pension fund at that. Not exactly squirrel money.

      • becuz respectivley submitted and u are all the same person ,oilruler,jwu.trying to fool people with your lame i.d.'s. no wonder u cannot make any money.a real loco in the coco. i wonder if hnr.q will break $5,and go to the $4's today???.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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