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  • NAR_671 NAR_671 Sep 10, 1999 5:47 PM Flag

    Are time will come for up swing.

    CNBC at 4:45 P.M. mentioned, Major Oil

    companies will be up 15-20 % next year.
    Major Oil
    Services will be up 30-40 %.
    Also Oil will be in big
    demand will rising
    use world wide. CNBC mentioned $
    26.00 oil
    for next year.
    They didn't mention
    weather factor. Anyway
    NGas I believe will be up
    decently also!
    Bottom line is Benton Oil will slowly

    benifit from energy prices that are up.

    I've seen
    in past all my other energy
    stocks bad mouthed
    and there rising now. I
    dollar cost averaged
    nearly to rock bottom
    and not worried a bit on
    stocks and this
    includes BNO.
    Some say there
    will be a strike in VZ.
    Scared, Hell NO! Won't
    last long, may even
    buy more BNO come Monday, noon

    Didn't mention other stocks up, but people
    buying because they see prospects of
    capital gains
    and improved earnings, BNO
    will do the same down
    the road.

    I mentioned this post because I'm
    greedy. I have the patience to things out

    and not a day trader.
    Not hyping any stocks on
    this, but watch
    WZR post #34 and EX post #434. Copy
    addresses of websites on Thermal Picture

    of the Oceans. We are seeing peak temps.
    in red
    for year. Coldest colors on charts
    will be by
    March 15th. Also look at the
    annomoly's chart at EX
    434 post. Check the
    loops for last 2 years. Blue
    appearing on chart. That's the

    thermalclines rising to surface in spots,
    Thermalcline has been rising
    last year or more. Believe a
    cold winter
    in store for U.S.A.
    Hard to explain
    in short message, oceans temps. effect on world
    weather. Weather cycle is turning down on temps. Even if
    affects don't show now. But look at the nice cold front
    that came in from Canada this week! EARLY!
    Think we
    are going to have fun in energy stocks this winter.

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    • You were talking that same cold weather / map talk last year - so what happened?

      You've cursed us again!


      • 1 Reply to GEEBER98
      • Last year El Nino was starting to ebb after being
        very strong. Big different this year, it will be
        Loaded up on BNO x 5.
        I didn't curse any stock, OPEC
        killed energy stocks with flood of oil depressing
        prices.They mended there ways by seeing the what fools they
        were. Didn't help either the Pac-Rim were depressed
        with there economys, that change for the better months
        Anyway sold a few other sector stocks which were near
        highs and bought the energys, Ngas & Oil Drillers,
        Services- Land and Sea dollar cost averaging. Did you nail
        TMAR near lows, or PTEN, OEI, NOI,VTS, ESV, APA, DO,
        haven't used margin yet, and not a day trader. Don't care
        for worrying about little ups and downs. Not so
        flocken greedy.
        Been to busy with alot of fishing,
        Blues, Striper's, Fluke, Weakfish. Sea Bass,going again
        in morning, Rockaway Reef. Love retirement early.

        Hope you have to set your heat up alot this winter.
        Going to do some sailfish fishing this winter down by
        West Palm Beach. May pick up WorldCat 26'boat to
        replace my older boat late next year.

        Money isn't
        everything, but it helps.

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