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  • jeroldh8 jeroldh8 Nov 11, 2011 11:31 AM Flag

    CHTR's broke if everyone does this...

    It's infuriating!

    Miss a payment to Charter you'll quickly have your TV and internet turned off. I don't know of any utility that's so quick to turn off service.

    That's especially stupid of Charter since many of their subscribers hang on to unessential services. In our case, we've long bought a pricey sports package for our son who now lives in his own house. No one watches those channels.

    Just went thru our outrageous Charter bill and cut 15%. We'll never miss those channels but Charter is broke if everyone does the same thing. Its employees will join the swelling ranks of the unemployed and its shareholders will relive the failures of Charter's past.

    TV/Internet is now back on after a time consuming phone call and I've saved a couple of bucks. Plus there's no way we'll sign up for their phone service.

    Why do companies do dumb things that offend their most affluent customers? Our account has to be a goldmine for them. We've been with Charter for years and probably pay (paid!) more than 95% of their subscribers each month!

    Thought the shareholders ought to know.

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