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  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 5, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    CHTR, the sector weather vane....

    Perhaps we should all thank the cable industry for giving birth to its own competition! Afterall, competition is how the consumer benefits!
    Its been 30 years or so since cable started becoming braodly availabe and little improvment has been shown. Speed, okay, yes speed but the big thing cabe seems to rest is hat on is the number of channels it offers! LOL! Somehow the loose minded consumer wants more channels even though the average consumer my actually only view on average perhaps as few as 2 dozen channels on a routine basis. TV producers/channels/sponsors have improved somewhat, it seems mini-series are the new rage fast replacing reallity shows on a numbers basis. Mini-series have also found their way onto the likes of say an AMC w/ "The Walking Dead" as an example. Wow....we all thought an AMC would be stuck in reverse playing nothing but old movies, FOREVER! Nice change/addition!
    ...and this is the beauty of the future and cabe wil adjust or die as we know it today! Frankly CHTR, I DON'T WANT 200 plus channels and I sure don't want to pay for that many USELESS channels.
    Regardless of entertainment conduit going forward, the onething the consumer yearns for is CHOICE! An a-la-carte type freedom of choice! Let me choose the 50 channels I WANT and charge me a fair price. Change the On Demand process. Example, lets say in my 50 channel selection I don't choose ...oh....lets say HBO...for example. Now lets say I decide I want to watch "Game of Thrones" this season. Give me that choice and charge me a fair price per episode.....IE...I don't happen to have HBO but I can agree to say an extra 25 dollar charge to watch this seasons show in an ON DEMAND format. Making the service a real cherry picking service or again, a- la- carte for the consumer.
    Oh I almost forgot, this is where the HULUs and others have gained a foothold! HULU and Netfix and others should be sending the likes of a CHTR a Christmas present in thanks for CREATING the nitch they occupy at the expense of their unknowing parents like a CHTR!
    A-LA-CARTE CHTR or write your own Smithsonian script as those in the future walk by the CHTR display and view who and what the cable (CHTR) industry once was to the consumer.
    How does that saying go, change with the times or get left behind? Something like that! Remember when IBM saw no application for the PC? Bill Gates and MSFT should still be sending IBM Christmas presents each year in thanks! LMAO!
    CHTR and the cable industry are circling the wagons when they shoud in fact, be on the offensive and POUNDING your own customers with limp/bogus/repetitive advertisements serves ony to create an atmosphere of resentment to the perceived harrassment!
    In fact for my Family the only thing more aggravating than 7 to 8 political phone calls per day is the dozens upon dozens of CHTR commercials each hour/day, etc.
    The winds of change are upon the cable industry which has knowingly chosen to follow the path of the hosre drawn buggy/buggy whip.
    Again, all IMHO!

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