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  • lkphomes lkphomes Jul 9, 2009 10:59 AM Flag


    Paid basher Seeking Alpha has saved me $16,000 by writing this BS. Sold everything last week at $9.26. Rebought today at $7.81.

    Thank you!!!! Now a yield of 18 percent!!!!!!!!

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    • Told you guys to buy C August 3.00 calls at $.12 to get an 80 percent rate of return by Friday. Calls are at $.20 now and should go to $.45 by the close on Friday.

      Too bad some of you guys are just stupid.

    • I've been over at C. How are all the bashers today?

    • "My average cost, as stated before, is $8.80 and my income from my longs has exceeded the income I've paid on PHK."'ve got to be kidding, right? I mean you can't be that ignorant, can you? You've been ranting that you shorted at 4,5,6,7.....on and on.....

      Simply put, you continue to say (you said same a few months back as well) that you're short phk, but because your other investments are doing okay it makes up for your continued loses from being short on phk......Wow, you got a screw loose or what?

      To have to rely on "other" investments to make up for loses on your continued short phk positions is straight-up foolish, wow. You probably think of it as a hedge or something.......lmao again.

      You've been handed you a$$ on a platter by being short phk, that's a given so why try to defend it by trying to say its all good? You know, you must of bumped your head harder than I thought......

      I hope your so-called clients don't come gunning for you.......lmao

    • drwstring, you have consistently proven yourself to be worthless so this will be my last response to you. My average cost, as stated before, is $8.80 and my income from my longs has exceeded the income I've paid on PHK. As such, I am well into the money. Please don't sell - you deserve to lose everything you've dropped into this thing. In fact, why not take out some credit card debt and buy more?

    • "However, now that it's clear that you are willing to pump PHK in the midst of a sharply downward trend"

      Lol.....I really am lol. Are you okay buddy, any mental issues going on with ya?

      I suppose you, a self admitted short, (actually a nutcase) have not been pumping to sell?....Too funny dude, sharp decline?....Only thing in sharp decline is your account, not phk.

      In any even event Mr. stooge, phk has lost, oh, only about 8% of its recent high. Not a big deal, especially sense its gained well over 130%, plus divs. You know, its okay for phk to lose a little steam once in a while, just like anything else,....shezzzz.

      If you are indeed a short, (very doubtful at this point) your ridiculous. You have been handed your head on a platter and that's a fact, don't pretend otherwise.

      On the other hand, thanks again for the div. today!

    • you bashers are disingenuous. Now I'm up another $5000. Why do you post such garbage?

    • You still overpaid

9.8098+0.0998(+1.03%)11:06 AMEDT