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  • majikline64 majikline64 Aug 13, 2009 7:00 PM Flag

    Wow! It's quite here. I just thought

    I'd browse the PHK msg board for some words of wisdom from Magiv, Nolongerabletoretire and ny_er, but I don't see any recent post from them. You guys didn't give up the fight, did you? Drwstring, are you still here?

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    • jdfunnell Aug 18, 2009 11:57 PM Flag

      Hey, come by more often.

      Great point: those upgrades you mention are their intent........Dave

    • I am still short

      just do not have time to try to convinced the longs

      wait for Nov - January

      as I wrote
      the big correction in Nov-Oct
      and for 90% in the begging of 2010

    • Yeah, I'm still hanging around.

      There just hasn't been much "know it all but always wrong" mentality posted here lately from the phk short stooge.

      Perhaps he's broke from his short position and couldn't pay his electric bill?

      Anyway, phk has sure been good to whoever has been long the last 6 months or so. I'm just glad I didn't sell low when the bottom fell out last year, and again last March.

      Barring any overall market turmoil and with Bill Gross being arguably the best at what he does, phk imo will continue to a winner.

      That's good enough for me. I'm delighted to be able to collect the monthly div's in a seemingly somewhat stable market.

      Shezzz, remember (how could anyone forget) the 500+ point swings, etc ? Wow, that was some rough water for awhile. It took some gusto to buy back then, but those that did have made out pretty darn good.

      Gl, later............

    • jdfunnell Aug 13, 2009 10:35 PM Flag

      Magiv disappeared a few weeks ago, dang it, right after reiterating he would not cover until November. Maybe he's on an extended vacation, using all the bucks he's gotten by shorting this. Who knows? Maybe a reappearence after the autumnal equinox?

      Nolongerretiring (sorry about any circumstances which would have precipitated that name. And I mean that, nolonger) is still here.

      ny_er is long gone. I was so looking forward to his volley back and **poof**....he misappeared!

      Others will need to report on draw, since he's the only entity in the universe on my ignore list. But since recent messages contain an "X" where a reply would normally be, I'd think a lurking draw is a decent conclusion. "X" marks a decent board......Dave

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