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  • spisam spisam Sep 15, 2009 8:49 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha

    Seeking Alpha has been pounding PHK. Posters to this board pointed out that other funds have large premiums in addition to PHK. Yet Seeking Alpha appears to have a vendeta against Bill Gross/Pimco. Comments please.

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    • Also, the technical traders that moved the shares up with momentum, will now look to reverse course and pile on on the way down.

      nolongerretiring - Your awful analysis of this stock and everything else related to high income makes your handle the perfect choice. Also, your constant bearishness earlier this year helped me make the right choice to stick with this stock and plow all of the fat divvies back in for even more. Wonder if you and that bald magiv magic guy could start a hedge fund, announce your picks and everyone could go opposite so they could retire.

      I have to disagree with the broken clock comparison because you never seem to be right. I am not sure how you do it, but thanks!

    • PHK I believe was 974.5

    • Thanks, JD, but I think you were looking at the figure for the Corporate Opportunity Fund.

      I need the figure for the month before this.

    • jdfunnell Sep 16, 2009 3:21 PM Flag

      From the 7/1 dividend announcement, as of 6/30:

      PHK $1,020.2, of which $292 is ARPS

      PGP: $84.6...........Dave

    • Since I have drwstring on "ignore" I can't see who you are replying to, but from your content, it is clear; you might want to try the ignore utility as well.

    • "not" so vitriolic."

      Odd, I suppose you never noticed any Democratic vitriol directed at President Bush.

    • "not" so vitriolic."

      Odd, I suppose you never noticed any Democratic vitriol directed at President Bush.

    • I'm new to the thread. It must be that I've run out of other things to waste my time on. I know from past experience on message boards that nothing we write here will move the the price a penny in a single day, even if we all did the same thing. That being said, it is comfortable to get validation or challenges to our respective views on PHK and world views. It is also a rough indication of the reputation of the company and the stock, which is no little thing.

      I first purchased PHK at the end of 2005 when 9.92% was considered a damn good return. I maintain that I am still getting that return on that purchase. I've made lots of purchases since then above and below the current price. I've only sold some once in all that time. My focus is the fact they have paid the same dividend each month since inception. They have been late twice but quickly made up for it the next month.

      So when the it looked the End back in March I bought more at $3.65 and, as I always do, wrote down my reasons for the trade. I wrote that if the world didn't come to an end, I would get be getting 40.07% return on that purchase.

      I get a nice amount each month from PHK from the sum of all these purchases at various returns and, while the price fluctuates all the time, I don't pay much attention to it because I like the return. I expect that is what accounts for the premium over the per share net asset value. I also see that the total net assets of the fund has gone from $751.9B in April to $1,097.8B, which is a big comfort.

      I also own PGP and track its relationship to PHK. It turns out that PHK runs about 66% of the dividend of PGP but the price is only about 61% compared to PGP.

      (I'd appreciate it if anyone has the total (not per share) net assets for PHK and PGP in June. I'm missing that figure in my chart and can't find it easily)

    • I know what you mean.


    • "not" so vitriolic. I screwed it up pretty good.

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