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  • wheelbarrowme wheelbarrowme Aug 17, 2011 12:13 PM Flag

    Pay $1.52 for $1.00 Here....

    going to be some sorry boys here some day. FFC earns 25% of selling price; PHK only earns 17% of selling price.

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    • Just keep paying me the vig.

    • That ffc might be interesting if it tanks another $2.......

    • I’m just not feeling the panic love. Options expirations today and tomorrow AM.

      S&P largest open interest @ 1200 & 1150. So the boyz will want a close as close

      to 1150 as possible. panic love. Or maybe I’ve just become jaded.......grin...

    • LOL and the other boyz will want to close at 1200. We shall see. It does feel a bit like a total attack to the delivery shut off BUT listening to all the talking heads screaming about waiting my contrarian instincts are screaming to buy.

    • The 10 Year under 2 % briefly....Gold going parabolic....The talking heads capitulating

      all over themselves.....and I still don’t see it in the stock market. It’s too orderly..

      Maybe I’m going blind......

    • Evolution at work. Most of the fools who "capitulate" exactly when they need to be buying have all be fleeced already. If so our friends are wasting their efforts crashing into a rock wall of strong money. Not a good idea to kill the goose but I never maintained the sell side ever had a good idea....... Look at the way the clowns always rely on the same play book they have been using for decades. What was that kids name that cried wolf too often?

    • I agree with all you say Huck. Especially the boy crying wolf too many times.

      The old school way of market thinking isn’t going to be swayed in a short period

      of time. You know....turning the battle ship around thing. I’m still trying to get

      a grasp of what the new normal is. But normal has most definitely changed..

      So using the old school metrics.....Sell in May and go away has been textbook

      this year. Including a rally into July. That scenario generally plays out some time

      October. Although I’ve been doing a little buying here and there I’ll still hold on

      to the bulk of my cash til later in the year. I could be 100% wrong but that’s the

      way I’m looking at it now. Just my opinion Huck....and with a half a buck you

      can find a bad cup of

    • This new normal is just the old normal on steroids Dave. Personally I just amass more capital via excess distributions (and vig now too) and add to things I like when the clowns stage another bogus sell off. My new normal drip on steroids plan. I really don't have much interest in playing the swings wholeheartedly anymore. I've been doing that for years. Now I am retired. Soooo adding dips and dabs to my passive income is my goal. It certainly is a boring way to retire though. The clowns haven't come up with an original idea since they decided to flood the message boards with dire warning shill posting. We know how stale that has become. I do wish they could dream up some new crisis material. Rehashing the same worn out crisis time after time shows how mentally deficient they are. Oh well. Calm does it. Yawn.

    • Rehashing the same news still works so they still use the ploy.

      I doubt seriously my cash reserves will be intact come October....chucke.

      Dick Bove just on the tube says.....Aw the stock market is just freaking out.

      Went on to say high yield actual bonds flat to higher today...

      Love that passive income.......Time for the social club...The one I go to has

      both guns and beer!!!

    • No guns at my social club. Beer, and my cronies, must suffice. Sigh.... Bend an elbow for me.

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