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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 29, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    A fool's thought

    This is my foolishly thinking out loud...

    You know how the players of wall st.are mostly also the CROOKS OF WALL ST. Just so we can establish a base line this is my thinking behind such a concept or opinion or fact? (if they weren't CNBC would have apologized and roasted these same individuals they presented to you with such high virtue and now a 7 second statement of re-canter at an hour 80% of the persons who view them are asleep!!, CNBC your a F'ng JOKE like the SEC!)

    lets get this base line established....of them being CROOKS, them meaning WALL ST. players.

    i.e. :

    Jon Corozine, Senator, Governor, CEO - MFS and Goldman Sachs misplacing or whatever shenanigan goes on during $1.2B crisis ? doesn't seem to honorable for a BILLIONAIRE to do such things, perhaps that's how he got to be a BILLIONAIRE, like SMITH BARNEY SAYS..."we make money the old fashioned way!" WE STEAL IT!! Why isn't he in shackles, you walk around with a F'ng beer in your hand your getting a summons, you steal/misplace/inappropriate funds, you get a kid glove treatment by your fellow corrupt GOVERNMENT OFFICALS. This isn't a rigged game? hahahahah! Let us continue.

    LIBOR scandal - rigging rates and no one is arrested, TRILLIONS are made over the course of DECADES and a HALF billion fine ONLY. SEC your a F'ng corrupt joke?

    Raj R. and his merry band of insiders. Guess they didn't like him sharing the looting of the US citizen? Only the ole boys can rob and pistol whip the US CITIZEN repeatedly?

    The collapse of GM someone should have been SHOT for that right? wiping out shareholders, well DUMB F RETAIL shareholders at least.

    The great scam of the US Government and Wall St. conspiracy, market crash wipes out 1/2 of the your savings which is then followed up by devaluing the $ wiping out the other half by a half and BAM they pocket 3/4 of OUR F'ng MONEY and we don't even have the sense to charge the doors with pitchforks and brooms banishing the DEVIL CHILDREN named the REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATS. Wonder how long the faithful guards are going to let them rape their children, parents and grandparents, when will they AWAKE?

    Mike Mikken ex-con, thief, devastator of lives and now a F'ng PHILANTHROPIST...a SH@#$it SANDWICH sprinkled with sugar is a Sh@#$it sandwich with sugar. (MIKE I can earnestly say there are 10,000 people who hope you die a painful death and cancer plagues repeatedly and keeps you alive long enough to see any of your loved ones learn the meaning of KARMA, just saying!)

    Now that we have established a base line? OR DID I JUST MAKE ALL OF THIS UP (question the people who respond as naysayers and note them for yourselves as SCHILLS themselves, wolves hiding in DUMB F RETAIL attire)

    PHK standard line- We can't control if DUMB F RETAIL will pay 70% premium. That is them telling you IF DUMB F RETAIL WANTS TO MAKE US ALL RICH, WE WILL TAKE IT, WE CAN'T HELP IF YOUR IDIOTS, WE MEAN DUMB F RETAIL. DUMB F RETAIL stop collecting PHK at a premium and stop with the DRIP and lets see if the PIMCO boys can actually perform or maintain the dividend with out using ROC from their coffers of the premium DUMB F RETAIL seems to be paying up. I am sure the talented team will perform but your not making them work very hard at the moment.

    DUMB F RETAIL let me repeat locking up one's gains now would be ideal and stopping re-investing for a 60% premium by using the DRIP instead of a 70% doesn't still seem like a PRO move.

    DUMB F RETAIL play this scenario out, ALL OF WALL ST. ARE CORRUPT see above reason and lets go further the brokers are keeping this artifically inflated, the premium since DUMB F RETAIL seems to constantly keep buying, hence why your DUMB F RETAIL, eventually as our man BIll G. likes to say the divergence between NAV and PPS can only have so much DIVERGENCE. You should heed his warning, DUMB F RETAIL.

    Enjoy your current INCOME, stop re-investing at a premium using the DRIP (7% of a discount of a 70% premium will not get you too far over the course of time), Wait for them to drop the other shoe before adding to your position above a 10% premium. JUST SAYING, seems like the prudent way to invest DUMB F RETAIL.

    I am surely a long here but I am not touting this POS premium don't confuse this POS premium vs. the ticker and team themselves who I am pretty happy with.

    I just you DUMB F RETAIL would stop ponying up and let demand drop down and lets all collude like the rest of WALL ST. does to maintain high premiums, just saying DUMB F RETAIL.

    Digest all this and note all the naysayers and take a look at their history prior to this post.

    I hope to see PHK in the 10's soon while the NAV is on the RISE so I can pick some more up, in the meantime REST OF US and I will enjoy stacking the $ thanks to the latecomers of DUMB F RETAIL who showed up to pay even a larger premium, sounds like a PONZI ?

    GO PHK and the team this opine has nothing do with your talent just the talent of DUMB F RETAIL to judge and price a ticker!! The persons who intially purchased this ticker DID NOT PURCHASE it becuase they considered themselve GOLD TIMER TICKER OF THE YEAR AWARD recipients.

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