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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 12, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Bill and El you have so much to say about macro economics but such little to say during a crisis when the sharks are circling PIMCO

    Wake up boys or at least clue us in, because I know if I gave you $7M I would have your cell # and giving you a buzz if I should be buying more or not?

    "Gross:PIMCO thinks Spain wl eventualy ask an OMT (QE) from ECB. Throw this alphabet soup in the pot & it produces lower ylds& a tasty dinner" and this is what is on the street regarding PIMCO...


    @PIMCO Who cares if its a TASTY DINNER if you end up in a casket when the rotten food kills you! PIMCO is a walking talking contradiction!"

    Are you deaf to this?

    I know a company this involved with marketing keeps an ear to the rail regarding its own reputaion and the only way to shut them up is by producing results that contradict them.

    Almost 100K follower on your tweets Billy and Mo...hmmn. what do you give

    We get it its against the law and you two men have built a team that plays inbounds always..right? hahhahahha!

    Press release, it doesn't have to say.."we are going to eat all the naysayers for lunch, because we have some of the best analysts in the game", something though, don't get ALL F'ng SHY now on us when your investors want and need to hear from us or your silence speaks VOLUME as to there this is headed.

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