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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 12, 2012 3:42 PM Flag

    Longs of PHK finally admit they are wrong

    That the ticker price has dropped from $14 to $11's now.

    I would describe that as a downward trend to start with.

    If it is so great, why haven't value investors started swarming in to pick it up on the DL?

    Tell you why, because Bill Gross and Mohammad El - Ilari an Han's along with the rest of the team are no longer hidden but exposed for nothing mor then men who build fortunes off the fees of others using a ponzi structure style scheme.

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    • ROTFLOL............ Make you a deal, fool, when YOU admit you have been WRONG, for 4 years, about the dividend cut.........
      I will admit the unit price has dropped..... Into an attractive add zone.
      It is obvious that you have some sort of ego involvement here. Your bruised ego can't accept the fact that YOU HAVE BEEN WRONG.
      Grow up. Learn to admit your mistakes. Throwing your funds, into a disproven thesis, is a poor way to invest.

    • Wrong.....really?...If you're long you're looking at least 1 year. Well....if you've had phk for a year you're looking at near 5% return right now. Do you realize this is a high yield fund and risk is all part of the bet? From you're rants its clear you believe investments aren't suppose to go down sometimes.....

      My my, you sure do have a stick up your butt when it comes to phk.. Get a life dude and don't worry about us long investors who've done very well with phk. It's apparent you're a lousy investor who doesn't now squat..

      Too funny.....

      • 3 Replies to drwstring
      • "oh yeah its a high yield fund!!"..exactly and you shouldn't be over bidding for garbage just because the 100 idiots before you did or because you think this pos two headed snake of bill and mo are special. they aren't , and never were they just have deep pockets to move price...period.

        f them both.

      • i love calling garbage!! all day babie!! volume is drying up on this as well...those F'ng brokers hate this message board cuz it exposes the TRUTH! welcome to the NEW NORM!

      • Tell your message to the folks that owned cornerstone. I am sure that they appreciate the value of investing in closed-end funds operated by "geniuses" which happened to drop in price and premium from 100% premium (and they paid such good dividends too!!!)

        And your annual return in PHK may be 5% over past year, but the pot increased by 34%. PTY, a similar fund returned 29% while their pot increased 37% over the same one year period.

        Stocks do go down, and I have plenty including microsoft, but the point is that unless you believe that management turn ordinary beans into magic beans, it is not worth paying the extra 40% markup for this fund consisting of high priced "magic" beans, when pdi (and there are many others), which I have and am trading in has the same pimco management and approx zero% premium. Since its start about 6 months ago, pdi has risen approx 10%, while phk has dropped 10%-even after dividends, the spread is still huge

        And again, neither you nor any of the phk cheering section has ever shown a previous example of a fund, trading at the highest premium, which is able to outperform or even match the average of other similar funds (trading at discount or low premium) in the future--so you are saying this fund is sui generis, because you say so, and that it will perform well,

        and that I should not believe my lying eyes which have seen many other similar funds high-premium (cornerstone anyone?), burn and crash

    • I don't admit I'm wrong...I'm buying and I'll continue to buy, but I have very deep pockets. Unlike you.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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