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  • drwstring drwstring Feb 27, 2013 12:49 PM Flag are severely stuck on the fringe of the outer limits......

    If somebody is making positive returns on their investment of a junk bond fund (regardless of nav) what of it? Just what freaking planet do you come from boy?

    Too funny......but really now, I truly believe you have serious psychological issues with reality.

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    • And I am sure you drawstring would have loved to be invested in the madoff fund\, lots of interest, and who cares about the principal???

    • what positive returns? 2012...results were not positive. correct?

      as for pps vs. nav, it means nothing.

      just because 100K people say to you that water is yellow....doesn't mean it is! The ARMY and the ARMED FORCES execute brainwashing all the time!

      Corrupution doesn't exist, The SEC realizes they are powerless against collusion at an international level as well as being handcuffed with corporations that can hide behind Chapter 11 and laywers, while their shareholders and creditors get shafted.

      Keep buying, like I said! Bring her back to the 77% PREMIUM! I would thank the Easter Bunny! :)

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